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  1. Wow.. great news! Congrats Ian! Pink Mafia Sis #26
  2. Yea, I figured as much. It will be interesting to see what's reported after the hearing on October 2nd or 3rd. Hopefully it will be something encouraging. Hugs to you, Mike, and Lisa!! Pink Mafia Sis #26
  3. Here's something new: A Jefferson County grand jury will hear the case of Lee Gerrard, a Tallahassee landscaping-business owner who was found stabbed to death late last year, said Maj. Bill Bullock of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Assistant State Attorney John Fuchs said a grand jury will be convening in Jefferson County Oct. 2 and 3, but he would not say what cases will be heard. Gerrard was found dead Dec. 4, 2007, off Tram Road in a rural area of Jefferson County less than a quarter of a mile from the Leon County line. Officials said in February they were close to making an arrest, but they had to wait on the processing of forensic evidence at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime laboratory. A suspect, whose name was not released, is incarcerated on unrelated charges. Pink Mafia Sis #26
  4. What wonderful news! Congratulations Laura and John!!! Pink Mafia Sis #26
  5. Mollie's going to be very sad to hear this. (((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))) Pink Mafia Sis #26
  6. Ohhhhh... you sound like an Eventing whuffo!!!! Believe me, that is ALL rider talent you're seeing. Assuming that eventing doesn't take skill is like someone saying skydiving takes no skill because all you do is fall out of the sky. Don't assume there's no skill involved all because you haven't tried it and can't relate. Those riders are SIMPLY AMAZING! Pink Mafia Sis #26
  7. Happy Birthday Kristi! Pink Mafia Sis #26
  8. I figured that was what happened!! Pink Mafia Sis #26
  9. FYI - it's not just his place. And I'm not afraid to get feisty... Pink Mafia Sis #26
  10. skydivegirl

    Cat Door

    Yep, just put some tuna on a little dish on the other side of the cat door. It's so fragrant that they'll definitely want to get to it once they get a whiff. It will at least give them some motivation to push through the magnets. Pink Mafia Sis #26
  11. skydivegirl

    Cat Door

    Try putting tuna on the other side of the door a couple times. My cats would knock through a brick wall to eat some tuna. Pink Mafia Sis #26
  12. Did anyone notice the comments posted for this article??? Pink Mafia Sis #26
  13. This was just posted on Pink Mafia Sis #26
  14. I just noticed this little gem in that article: "Attempts to find family members in Tallahassee were unsuccessful." Pink Mafia Sis #26
  15. They searched someone else's home. We don't know who yet. See here Pink Mafia Sis #26