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  1. Thanks Labrys, I checked out base jumper.com. You're right, they talk all about that stuff. I'm more interested in diving from a plane anyway.
  2. Ok, so specificly, this forum is dedicated to jumping out of a plane over a drop zone. Got it. Still seems really Gnarly.
  3. Hey, my names Rory and I've been skydiving recently. I'm super stoked. I have a question about jumping from those tall radio antannas. It looks like there's huge cables tied to the towers, and the jumpers fly right past them. How dangerous is that?
  4. Hey rocky-dives, I jumped for my first time yesterday. My instructor said "Tuck your knees, were doin gainers"! So we did 2 or 3 and then stabilized. After another 30 seconds we pulled chute and spiral straight down both ways! He put that chute on edge man. It was below us. My friend and me are gonna hit ground school next month.