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  1. FOX news reporting... is bullshit.... As always... I live about 5 miles from where the shooting took place. The ''Moroccan'' Citizen (guy has dual Canadian/Moroccan citizenship, actually) was among other muslims attending the prayer, that night. He was a witness to the shooting, and fled the scene as soon as he was able to. So when police force arrived at the scene (quite quickly, actually), they saw him fleeing, so they went after him, and arrested him, thinking he might be one of the attacker at the mosque, that night. He was released quickly, after it was demonstrated that he was actually a muslim praying there with other muslims. The attacker, Alexandre Bissonnette, is actually a white supremacist, a staunch Trump supporter, was also known to be a right wing supporter, and also propagating Marine Le Pen Front National ideology... Best receipe for disaster, if i might say.... http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-city-mosque-attack-alexandre-bissonnette-1.3958559 http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-city-mosque-alexandre-bissonnette-profile-1.3959581 http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/trudeaus-pmo-takes-on-fox-news-over-a-fox-tweet-about-the-mosque-shooting http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1014200/attentat-quebec-trudeau-fox-news-kate-purchase-tweet-erreur-information-twitter-media
  2. 1 year already. Gone, but not forgotten. Blue sky my friend.
  3. Blue skies Cops. Skydiving has been tough on our hearts, the past few years. We're gonna miss you. Your friends at ParaQc. Fly free my friend.
  4. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/21/sports/mario-richard-base-jumper-and-sky-diver-dies-at-47.html?_r=0
  5. We lost a great skydiver, Mario Richard. He died this morning, in Italy. Many will remember him for his involvement in the IMAX movie Adrenaline, the Science of Risk. Blue skies my friend.
  6. Here's a picture of Marc, courtesy of Myreille Grenier
  7. It is with a heavy heart and great sadness, that I’m forwarding the news that Marc Gilbert, of Lévis Quebec Canada, passed away on Sunday June 24th , as a result of a skydiving accident. Marc was a highly respected skydiving instructor and pilot, who approached everything he did with professionalism. Our condolences goes to Kathleen Cantin, the love of his life, and her children and family. Marc will be missed by Quebec’s skydiving community, and the staff of Para Québec (ParaQc), where he jumped. I was proud to be one of Marc’s friend. Marc is gone, but he will never be forgotten. Blue skies and rest In Peace Magic Bear! Memorial services for Marc, Will be held at the St-Jean-Chrysostome church on Saturday june 30th at 1h00pm 1012 rue de l'Eglise Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, QC Canada Marc’s family will be at the Gilbert & Turgeon funeral home 4001 Rue de la Fabrique Lévis, QC Canada Friday june 29th, from 2h00pm to 5h00pm, and from 7h00pm to 10h00pm. And also saturday, from 10h00am to 12h00pm
  8. I hope your dad will recover completely. My best wishes to him and your family.
  9. And people jumping out of good airplanes should be put into asylums...
  10. Violent crime stats, 2006: Canada: 951/100k (data courtesy of Statistics Canada) United States: 473.5/100k (FBI UCR) You were saying? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_Canada http://www.canada.com/topics/news/national/story.html?id=82f40c3e-97e0-4f50-8b2a-85d1d5832f37
  11. John's on vacation? I answered none. We don't need any around here.
  12. Bought a brand new HHR SS at the end of march... Hopefully, they'll find a way to stay afloat.
  13. A very good movie IMHO. I've been a trekkie since the beginning. I admit, I was skeptical about JJ Abrams, at first, but I think he did an excellent job. Yves.
  14. France has the 6th largest contingent of soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. Canada has the 5th, and Italy has the 4th. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Security_Assistance_Force Yves.
  15. If you like DS9, I guess you'll like ''Far beyond the stars'' of season 5 or 6, if i'm not mistaken. A very good episode. Yves.
  16. I think the best episodes, so far is ''The best of both worlds part 1 and part 2'' where Picard has been abducted by the Borg, The second best IMHO is ''I Borg''. where a Borg is brought back to the Enterprise to be studied. Among the famous quotes, i like this one from the holographic doctor onboard Voyager: ''I'm a doctor, not a door stop'' Yves.
  17. For Boeing, it's a win-win situation. The more they whine and/or drag their feet in submitting the USAF with a decent proposal for the replacement of the KC-135, the longer it'll take to replace said aircrafts. They know it. It's like baseball. Strike 1 .... 2003 Strike 2 .... 2008 Strike 3 .... ????? In the meantime, Boeing gets the contract to extend the useful life of the tired old KC-135, past their expected useful life... New engines...new avionics...new everything... They collect the taxpayer's money, but the servicemen will still operate outdated material. Pure economics. How to win... when you lose. Yves.
  18. It's really sad. For years, I have been wondering about a possible Pink Floyd reunion, and a possible world tour.... It was looking good, after their last reunion onstage.
  19. But they need time to sharpen their pencil even more. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/09/17/AR2008091702857.html Yves.
  20. I heard about this, this morning...f**k**g b**lsh*t...not because I wanted Northrop/EADS to be happy, but because Boeing started whining about the amount of time they had to prepare. The "winning" attitude of American companies that have shaped the world (like Boeing) has disappeared, and I'm pissed. If there's a significant change in leadership with the election, this contract is going to turn to peanuts the next time the USAF tries to put it to bid... Maybe the U.S government decided they can't afford new tankers, after all. http://mwhodges.home.att.net/nat-debt/debt-nat-a.htm The KC-135 are good to go for a long time. Low cycles/low time per airframe. You and I will be dead long before they stop using them. They're just like an old 1957 pampered Chevy Bel Air. Nothing beats a 1957 Chevy Bel Air.
  21. Digikey sells them for 28 cents each. Act fast, they only have 375,515 in stock. Small orders (under $25 IIRC) have a $5 surcharge but shipping costs are real reasonable. This is the sort of thing you really want to buy from an electronics company that sells gajillions of the things to people building widgets for resale. As a normal consumer product, you might spend a buck or two each for them. At a DZ where they're special, you might spend as much as $4 each. Right. Digikey is a world class reseller. They have tons of batteries in their inventory, and the batteries are always fresh. Shipping is incredibly fast. They currently have 5026 CR2330 in stock. Part number is P111-ND Yves.
  22. Then why this comment? >>If your neighbour see you with a gun, he'll want a bigger one. That's how it works.
  23. Then why this comment? >>If your neighbour see you with a gun, he'll want a bigger one. That's how it works.