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  1. MarcieS

    Looking for Caravan lease 2020

    Time Left: 16 hours and 51 minutes

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    Busy NE Ohio DZ looking for a turbine for the 2020 skydiving season. Short Caravan preferred but a Kodiak, porter, Pac or similar will do. Currently flying a Caravan on short term contracts about every other weekend and small Cessnas on the off weeks/weekends. Season runs from April/May through October. Open 6 days a week. Call with any questions/offers or email us at Thanks!


    Garrettsville, Oh

  2. MarcieS

    Flight 1 Canopy Courses 201 and 101

    Aaron Stocum will be teaching Flight-1 201 & 101 canopy courses at Cleveland Skydiving Center on the 13th & 14th of July 2019.Module 200 provides a safe environment for skydivers wanting to progress their canopy skills to the next level in the area of high performance landings.**REQUIREMENT TO TAKE FLIGHT 201: Minimum of 200 jumps**We also highly recommend to have completed & attended Flight 101 and 102.Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy. Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic.Flight 201 - Saturday 13 JulyFlight 101 - Sunday 14 JulyCost per course is $150 plus 5 hop n pops.To join, sign up here:201 - -
  3. MarcieS

    Cleveland Skydiving Center