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  1. Hey guys, I'm doing my Senior riggers course this fall in the states and want to find work afterwards but I'm a canadian and am not legal to work in the united states… Just wondering how hard it is to find winter cash work rigging or packing? Also I have my working visa for australia/ New zealand but I've herd it can be harder finding work there...
  2. Hey guys, For my next days off I want to head somewhere nice for 2 weeks for some jumps… Maybe Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba... Just wondering whats the best tropical DZ (In or near North/Central america) and why?
  3. Hey, Have any of you guys jumped in Ixtapa Mexico? I've read reviews and it seems like a great place to jump but I went on there website and Haven't been able to contact anyone to see if it is still open or what there operational months are… Hoping one of you guys might know something about it or maybe someone I can contact! Cheers,
  4. Hey, I'll be flying into LA and I'm wondering what the best option is to get to Elsinore… Is there an Amtrak that goes close by or is there a closer airport..? what is the easiest fastest way to get there? Thanks guys!
  5. Thanks guys, And sure, If i haven't found work when I get there I will definitely give you a shout! cheers!
  6. Hey guys, I have a few questions for you aussies out there. I'm traveling to australia for a year in a couple months and want to buy a cheeper used camper van when i get there… What are the best sites to find used vehicles in australia? Also I work in mining and the oilfield, anybody else a mining or oil patch guy/girl that might be able to send me in the right direction? Usually I work as a pipe fitter in Canada but I get the feeling there is no way I'm going to be able to haul spools around with steel toe boots and a hard hat in the sun down there… haha Will probably be looking for a well testing job or running equipment… something where I can get a little break from the sun once in a while… lol. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks guys.
  7. Thanks guys! I usually work doing Oilfield work and mineral exploration work but I don't really want to do that this winter... I would rather just go down and get a regular job in town (Tired of freezing my ass off)... I do a fair amount of plumbing and construction so I might try and get a job doing that if I cant find a job at a DZ. I have a fair chunk of change saved up so getting my B licence and packing licence is definitely in the cards... Will definitely be doing a S#%T load of jumps before I worry about work... lol What are jump tickets usually in australia? Also, would i be better to buy a used rig in canada or wait until I get there? anyone know if there is much of a price difference in used gear?
  8. Hey, Just received my 1 year working visa for Australia and plan to spend it jumping and working (hopefully at a DZ) I'm wondering what would be the best dropzones in oz and why..? (price, number of jumps, location...) I'm a fairly new skydiver with 48 jumps so far if that helps any!!! Thanks guys n gals!!!
  9. Hey guys, I'm flying in to san fransisco today and im just wondering what is the best way to get to Lodi? I will be staying in hayward near the I fly centre.... is there any direct busses or a shuttle that runs to Lodi?
  10. I'm certainly not set on northern california, I'll be flying down so it doesn't really matter where I go.. I just chose cali because I've never been there and figure it would be a nice place to do it... southern cali might even be better because I'll be heading to mexico for a little bit after anyway... so area is not an issue.
  11. why would you say avoid Lodi? I'm leaning towards it just because it seems to be the busiest, Open seven days a week, and the cost is a little less than the rest... Would like to hear any thoughts on Lodi! Pros Cons for doing Aff there as apposed to skydance or other drop zones!
  12. Hi I'm flying down from the Yukon from may 1-15 to california to do my Aff and hopefully get my A licence... I'm just not sure what dropzone to choose, Im definitely Inclined to choose the Parachute center in Ampco for the cost ($1000 for Aff course). and then i think 15 bucks a jump after... just wondering if anyone had any input to choosing a drop zone. must have camping or dorms, Must have a bar or a good group of people that like to party... Obviously... and last but definitely not least must be a safety conscious place... hope to hear some of your ideas! Thanks
  13. How much would i be looking at for doing the course and how much does some basic gear cost? from my understanding its about 2500 to do the course and 2000 for used gear... is that a realistic cost?