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  1. ericjroth

    Skydive The Farm

    My two daughters (ages 18 and 21) decided to take the AFF course. This DZ was the highest rated so we came here. It lived up to all expectations. I'm thirty years military Army/Air Force - Airborne Ranger, Sapper, Air Assault, Jungle Expert, etc, etc. and now an Air Force Attorney so I have pretty high stardards. Hans set up the week for us and was responsive to all emails. Very good prices compared to some other DZs - made it worthwhile to fly into Atlanta instead of a closer DZ. Onsight showers and place t camp. We arrived on Monday - overcast and took ground school with Mike Anderson. Mike is a former special ops guy and it shows. He kept it light but was downright serious about what mattered. He made us all feel comfortable. Over the next three days we jumped with Mike, Chad, Agent Lead, Sarah, Josh and Pat. All of them were great and extremely professional. We didn't quite finish up but my girls are back on Tuesday to finsih up. When not jumping the vibe is great. No big egos, just a great group of guys and gals hanging out. Patty cooks up some mean food, Sarahs kids are cute and part of the family and lots of cool dogs playing with each other. I can see us coming back for another family vacation and camping out...just an awesome place...I feel as if we have made some lifetime friends. I'm pretty sure any other DZ will be a let down after this. I'm definitely coming back!