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  1. I would recommend making sure you have features similar to this page (if you weren't already aware of it): markschulze.net/winds/ It is the quickest/fastest way for me to check the winds on jump run, at opening, during setup, and on the ground....and it's tied to my GPS location. ~$0.02
  2. Great article, and I think it's important for jumpers reading this that the size recommendations are specific to the BASE environment and NOT skydiving!
  3. https://vimeo.com/182544818 https://vimeo.com/user33057070/trap-system https://vimeo.com/188757111 https://vimeo.com/user33057070/trap-system-intro https://vimeo.com/user33057070/mirage-trap-system-in-malfunction-scenarios
  4. Bringing this back from the dead for all the naysayers https://vimeo.com/217519079 That...and it's just an awesome vid to watch!
  5. +1 John. An BTW, this is a very nice thread with constructive comments/opinions while remaining on-topic. Kudos boys!
  6. Yes, it has a VERY long recovery arc that you must actively add inputs to in order to plane out. I'm loading this wing right at 1.95.
  7. Here's a quick vid from one of my last jumps for ya: https://youtu.be/dCUe2lihE24
  8. +1 for the KA97 at that WL. I've got 100 or so jumps on mine loaded ~1.95, and it's definitely a swoop machine with the proper inputs/technique. I agree with Di0 that it's not the best all-around choice for a canopy with that WL due to it's steep descent in full flight....but I will add that you can still achieve very flat flight in 3/4 brakes or rears and it can be great for getting back from a long spot. According to my N3, I average 35-40 fps descent rate in full flight, but only 6-10 fps in deep brakes :). I've dialed in my 270s at about 700 feet using a brake surge > double fronts > turn technique, building acceleration through the turn. I have a VE coming my way for this season, but I have a feeling I'm not going to see a huge increase in performance from the KA ;). I'll see if I can find a vid or two to post for ya. My $0.02.
  9. Video has either been deleted, or you need the right permissions...
  10. I've seen many hawks / turkey vultures soaring and hanging in thermals as high as 1800 feet under canopy at my home DZ in Nebraska. I've seen bald eagles twice before as well, and makes me wish I was flying a flag at the same time haha. I usually can't get that close to them before they fly away though.
  11. Thanks for the write-up! I had a mangled adapter that I tested this out on yesterday, and it worked like a charm :). My process was slightly different: --I already had a multi-connecter to 2.5mm cable that had a broken port. --I cut off the good 2.5mm female end, and exposed the wires (red, black, green, white.) --I bought a cheap cable at a local photo store, which was a multi-connector to 2.5mm male cable for ~$8 (didn't want to wait for eBay as OP directed above, since I have tandems this weekend.) --I cut off the multi-connector end of this and exposed the wires (red, white, yellow.) --I spliced as follows: --red to red --white to white --green to yellow --I simply left the black wire alone The final product is a cable that as a multi-connector port on one end, and a 2.5mm female port on the other. This way, I can connect any standard bite/tongue/blow switch that I want without having to re-splice again. I can take pics later tonight if anyone wants to see. Thanks again HighTechRedNeck!
  12. That is Badass! I'm surprised the balloon operator allowed everyone to bail out at about the same time! I always love your photos Juan, thanks :).
  13. ^ Agreed. I jump a Sabre2 107 now (loaded @ 1.75) with a Funk, and like the ability to WS and perform HP landings with the same canopy. The most important factors to consider (IMO) and be aware of when WS with any canopy: --Your level of comfort with the canopy you fly when sh$t goes wrong, i.e. line twist, hard openings, etc. --Pull altitude that gives you adequate time to deal with above issues. --Having the appopriate size PC / bridle --Awareness that smaller canopies = shorter lines, and the affect that can have on deployment. As such, your technique at deployment may need to change. ~$0.02 ***Also, you may want to have a Mod move this to the WS forum to gain more insights :). ***
  14. What size Sabre2? I've found that the the smaller the canopy, the lesser amount of off-heading openings occur as well. I've jumped Sabre2 170s down to my current 107 (with a semi-stowless) and I rarely get "twitchy" openings anymore. I had a 120 with the SS D-bag and got similar results. Now my 150 and 170...well that was a different story! (Note that I didn't have semi-stowless when I jumped these canopies). Also, how are you packing it? Rolling the nose? "Cross-folding" the tail (for lack of better term)? I've had great success folding the tail seams over each other and simply pushing the nose cells in slightly. ~$0.02
  15. I had a similar issue with my brand new ASUS w/ Windows 10 and I7...then I found this quick vid explaining a DLL issue on the new Vegas Pro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diekcFt5LXI I'd give this a try as well, since it fix my lag issue on the Preview mode...there are also many quick tutorials specific to Vegas Pro that will help increase render speeds. Hope this helps!
  16. I believe it was an R-Bird Pro.
  17. Are you talking about the LSPC Otter Weekend? Redemption Boogie happened in mid-July. We'll have the Otter available from Friday afternoon through Sunday, and the jumping venue has changed to the Plattsmouth Airport. Night-time shenanigans and activities will be back at the DZ :). Feel free to contact me with any other questions. Hope to see you there!
  18. My buddy and I use this version, mainly for WS, but it works on any skydive....we love them! It's great to communicate where each other may be on a jump (left/right/above/below), and it's also fun under canopy as well! Highly Recommended and very snag-free. I'll post a pic once I get home.
  19. I know the boogie in question :). And that explains some of the canopy shenanigans I saw!! As someone said above, make sure you're aware of all the different landing areas and ALWAYS check your TAP (traffic-altitude-postion)....especially at a new DZ and a boogie atmosphere. Glad you had a good time, it was a tough weekend for sure with all the plane problems and weather holds, thanks for coming out!
  20. +1 on this. I fly a Sabre2 120 loaded ~1.5-1.6 and find that the canopy is very "stable" on opening. In this context, stable means level flight after inflation, even in less than ideal conditions, such as line twists. I've experienced a few poor openings due to PC hesitation, poor body position, etc. which resulted in as many as 3-4 line twists at times and find that the canopy still remains on-heading in level flight. I say this with the disclaimer that this is my experience on the canopy and know that things could always go much worse. As also stated above, I find the range of the canopy to be great fun for higher performance landings while remaining docile enough to leave more reaction time if sh$t goes wrong. The flare powah is awesome! To me, the most important factor to consider (especially for WS), is to fly a canopy that you are extremely comfortable with, know how to quickly react when things don't go according to plan, and know when to chop that sucker if you don't like what you see/feel. My $0.02.
  21. Not sure you understood my question....I've had my I5 for 300 jumps, starting with a 170 main, and a 160 reserve is more than ample for me (I now fly a 139 main loaded at 1.4:1). I was just wondering about Zulu pack volume and if anyone had experience with a 132 in the I5. I'm thinking it'll prob be too squishy.
  22. Back from the dead, but I fly a Safire2 139 with a PD160 in my I5 just fine :). I'm tempted to try a Zulu 132 and see if it fits, without being too loose. Anyone try a Zulu, or have insights as to it's pack volume?