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  1. Only four jumps on mine so far, seems smooth and accurate...The glow face is very good... Sits on my hand fine... I scratched the face and called them wanting to give them my credit card number and mail it to them for a face replacement.. I was told the face screws off that they would send me a replacement no charge... I have two of their digital altimeters and have never had a problem...
  2. 3. Generally the next smaller size main canopy can be safely installed and jumped in any given main container although Sun Path has not tested every application of this... This is off Sun Path web site... Calls for a ZP 210 main so possible a ZP 190 main... Call them to be certain...
  3. Drop has them listed as tandem only... Actually Santa Cruz skydiving is in Watsonville Ca... I live between Santa Cruz and Watsonville In Aptos... Being 10 minutes away I have been in there hoping tandem only would change and I do not believe it did... Unless it recently changed, and I hope it did... To drive 10 minutes to skydive instead of an hour one way would be great for me...
  4. Hi, I am curious if anyone has this altimeter and if it is liked... And if it is a 12000 or 18000 feet MSL... I will probably have a email reply as to the MSL Monday... But I will be on the road Monday and if I had the information before I left I could make a decision on ordering before I left... Thanks, appreciate any input...