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  1. Sunny, try the coconut shrimp. VERY Goooood......
  2. celljumper

    Red Rocks!

    I love that place. I saw Blues Traveler 4th of July shows 2 years in a row there, fireworks and all......road tripped out from Cali and camped in the rocky mountains. Best place to see a show ever, I agree.
  3. You mean MY input isn't the most valuable???? I though I was the only one that mattered?????? geesh....reality check. Hope you have a good day!
  4. MSC- DId we or did we not discuss this at the DZ yesterday??? GO to Hollister and give my peeps hugs for me. Besides, Pop will take good care of you if you call him up when you get there..... meg
  5. Hey....I'm an old hand now.....when did that happen? I am gonna be 30 this year (sebazz!!)
  6. Glad you could make it out Sunshine. Seb and I started this tradition waaaaay back in 1998. And now we got people coming from across the US to partake!!! Give hugs and kisses to my bros for me, will ya???
  7. Hi everyone! I sure miss you guys and our little tradition of getting together on Thursdays.....looks like lotsa people are coming out these days. Just wanted to say hi and get in on the NorCal action. I'll be home in May for almost 2 weeks, so since none of yous made it out here to visit me, maybe you'll see me then. meg
  8. Quotemaybe we should still one of the hollister vans to drive all our drunk ass's home. Do you mean steal, Zac? Stealing isn't good, you know. Hey....where the f$%# are my stickers??? Just kidding, hopefully I'll see ya in a few weeks.
  9. I don't think you could be evil if you tried Vinnie.....even when drinking Patron. And don't listen to Andy....my guess is you could squash him with your thumb and forefinger. Dontchathink???
  10. Pop, I tried to warn her about you, but she wouldn't listen. I think you are exactly the kind of boy any father would chase off with a baseball bat. I still love you though.
  11. Hey I'll be home next week, but then off to Hawaii for a week, then back on the 23rd to good old Shallow Alto. Can't wait to see you!!! I'm bringing a couple of Atlanta skydivers with me by the way....
  12. Thanks Yes, LIzzieB really is that small. Kira is only ~11 pounds.
  13. I went to the strip clubs last week with my boyfriend and his buddy and had a blast. I spent more time with the girls than they did, and the Girls let me do whatever I wanted too... THe strip clubs here in Atlanta are wild....
  14. Hi Kira! I'm so sorry I missed your coming-out party!!! Looks like it was alot of fun. I hope I get to meet you when I come home for Christmas in a few weeks. Will your mom and Dad let you come out and play with me? Um......I really wouldn't let Pop hold you though.....he's nothing but trouble. See you soon! meg