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  1. I've known Howard a few years Here is a typical conversation between us... Me: good morning Howard. Howard: Who are you? Howard: Anyone wanna jump with me? Me: I'll jump with you Howard! Howard: F*#K you, Me: Why not? Howard: Your too good, I suck... Me : Hi Howard Howard: F#*K Off! What more can I say? He was a funny bastard! Rest in peace Howard. One less character in this sport who will be surely missed by so many. Hymm, Hymm F#*K HIM! Fall down....dont go boom!
  2. well, i guess that is the thing to say! Holy shit! but not the video i was thinking of. Thanks anyway i may use it too! Fall down....dont go boom!
  3. Chronicles! Thank You! Fall down....dont go boom!
  4. Does anyone remember what video (about 10 years ago) had a clip of 2 freefliers who open so low you see the shadow of the canopy and the slider up showing on the ground right before he hits someones backyard and then he gets up and says something like "holy shit"? Would like to show it for Safety day but cant seem to find it in my collection. Any help would be great.
  5. Thanks guys, all points well taken. Hoping to use this when clouds are low so we can focus on canopy skills. Fall down....dont go boom!
  6. I have done tons of IAD jumpmaster jumps from cessnas but have no Otter experience. Anyone have any tips? Any abnormal worries using an otter? Thanks
  7. What a good guy. He made us laugh. Pictured is his amish look along with his first 100 jump pie which I was lucky enough to capture. We hope it makes you smile. Tricia and I will miss him awful. We mentored him as a student and he became a great friend and highly regarded peer. He worked hard and got almost every rating imaginable. He was a regular visitor to our home and was like a brother. He couldn't come to the east coast without stopping by for a few days of R&R. He always had a smile and was always eager to live and play hard. A very down to earth kinda guy who besides skydiving, also taught skiing as snowboarding, as well as base jumped, sailed, surfed and scuba. I didn't know Pat but I know we lost another couple of the great ones. Our deepest sympathy to Chris and Pats family and the San Diego and Perris family of skydivers. Fall down....dont go boom!
  8. How absolutely horrible. More news about Gary and a video of the area below. Its a sad sad day. Fall down....dont go boom!
  9. It is with deep sadness that I let everyone know that Jeff Nichols passed today after a month long battle in the hospital. Jeff was quite a character and an early pioneer in teaching hang-gliding and paragliding and many skydivers as well as other aviation enthusiasts have had the privilege of meeting, learning and partying with him and flying on his hill in New Hampshire. Jeff started Morningside (one of the premier hang-gliding and paragliding schools in the country) in 1974. He will be widely missed by many in the aviation community. Jeff, Your head is in the clouds forever now..Blues skies my friend.
  10. thanks for the words of advice and the answers. Fall down....dont go boom!
  11. I have been looking at different video cams and one I am thinking about buying is the new Panasonic tm700 , it is a 3 cmos cam that shoots 1080/60p but I read that Sony Vegas wont recognize it. It only reads 1080/60i? here is what i read... "The Panasonic HDC-TM700 ships with HD Writer AE version 2.1 software. The software is essentially the same as its previous incarnations, but this new version does allow for importing 1080/60p footage. Having this feature is an absolute necessity as no other commercially available programs seem to be able to handle the 1080/60p footage shot with the HDC-TM700. If you want to get that 1080/60p footage onto your Mac, however, you're out of luck—HD Writer AE is only compatible with PCs." For editing at home that would be fine but if i worked where sony vegas is in use, will i be wasting my money on this camera or is there an upgrade available for vegas? DSE or any one who knows can you help with this question? Thanks Fall down....dont go boom!
  12. We just heard the terrible news. Our deepest condolences to Diane, his children and Nate and Nona. Your all in our thoughts. Gary will be missed by many but never forgotten and you can be sure garys spirit will live on at Jumptown forever. Nice picture howard. Sincerly Mark and Tricia
  13. slot is included..but not the back rub Fall down....dont go boom!
  14. I'm curious what you videoguys are being paid. my DZO CHarges $69 photos i get 30 DZO charges $79 video i get $40 dzo charges $99 photo and video i get $50 I pay for all tapes, gear,film and I edit all my own videos. I've been chargeing 10$ extra for a dvd, now DZO wants to charge $20 and pay me 10. They only supply plane and student. No editing room. What are you being paid? what do the DZOS charge? just curious... Fall down....dont go boom!
  15. Ive seen more and more TMs leaving their side connectors undone. I think eventually that TM is going to kill somebody by breaking the students neck on landing. It will happen when the student stops and the TM keeps moving forward and flips over the top of the student. This probably cannot happen with the side connectors still attached but anythings possible. just my opinion and sticking with it! Fall down....dont go boom!