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  1. My first canopy was a 1991 sabre 170 that I got for a six pack of beer. Im now flying a 99 sabre 150. I love my sabre, once you tame the openings.
  2. Badass man, please keep it up. Btw that deployment seemed close lol.
  3. Also, it may be cool to see some freeflyers carving around a freefly tube with a seemingly non existent pilot. Just and idea
  4. As a longtime skateboarder I always have and still do enjoy watching videos of the pros tear it up. As a newer skydiver, nothing has changed. Im interested in getting into freefall photography and video editing in the future. Skate videos and skydive edits are very similar in my mind as far as the editing tequniques and the feelings I get from both. One of my favorite skateboarding videos was and still is "yeah right" which was actualy directed by spike jones. Theres a pretty cool segment in which they use skateboards thqt have been painted green, then edited them out using greenscreen method, making them appear to be gliding above the ground. I just thought it might be a cool idea to see a video involving swoopers with green canopy/lines and edit out the canopies using this method. Here is a link to the "yeah right" segment I was referring to Invisible Boards - Girl Yeah Right: http://youtu.be/dM1BapTFnXM Reply and let me know how dumb of an idea it is please and thank you.
  5. This truly is inspiring. My mother was injured in a bicycling accident in 2011 and suffered a traumatic brain injury. She was In tirr in Houston with gabby Giffords and I did see her there a few times, always smiling. My mother had lost partial use of her left extremities and has developed attention deficit as well as minor seizures. She made a tandem jump on July 4th for my wedding along with my father and some friends. Even cooler is she jumped with Donnie from skydive spaceland who is also a tbi survivor. Recovering from a tbi is not an easy task and depending on the severity it may mean finding a NEW normal. Hats off to Gabby for fighting so hard and never giving up.
  6. I wouldn't assume that the few there are "random people" but I could be dead wrong. Cool flying and swooping I hope to get into some hang gliding and paragliding in the future.
  7. Actually yes that is what I was referring to. Don't know why I thought different.
  8. I thought I posted the link lol http://m.youtube.com/user/Thegibolin
  9. Also check out this guy's YouTube chanel. Step by step instructions, kinda.
  10. could you just not record the jump unless they request it? or do you record every single jump for some other reason?
  11. lame of your buddy in my opinion. they did that to a friend of mine for his 500th i beleive. it was all smiles on the ground after that. as long as everyone else is aware and the exit order is adjusted accordingly, i dont see the big deal. it is funny to me if done in a safe manner. if he was unstable or upside down or something that might be a different story, but what do i know im just some noob.
  12. just looking for some input from anyone who owns or has used this chinstrap on the cookie m1 freefly helmet. looks like a fairly cheap modification for flying with small format cameras. you hear and read alot of people preaching about having a cutaway system on your helmet if your flying camera, even small format, but honestly the only people iv seen who do are camera flyers with professional setups. although iv never seen a video of a skydiver getting his cam caught up in his lines, i have seen similar instances where a jumpers shoelace got caught on his buddies gopro. id like to be somewhat prepared as i will soon be jumping with a go pro in not too long. http://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/cookie-cutaway-chinstrap
  13. i have a brand new pdr 160 that haven't had the chance to fly yet. when i do, it will be loaded at about 1.19 to 1. do reserves this size stall as easy as a heavier loaded reserve? and please elaborate on the different technique of flaring. thanks for the tips btw these are things i haven't considered.
  14. buy a neptune 3, works great for me. works as a watch, tells temperature and date, records all jump info such as speed at specific altitudes and deployment, delay, exit altitude, customizable canopy or free fall alarms.
  15. ill do my best to avoid that manouever on my sabre 170..