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  1. where the best DZ to do AFF in East Europe
  2. I went there to do AFF course , and to be honest I had bad experience. I cant judge if this the issue with all aff instructor or only mine. 1- It's really expensive for AFF , and they ask to do 10 coach Jump after AFF , so needed price to do it at SkyDive Dubai SD2 is double the price of doing it in Spain or South Africa. 2- Bad attitude , I would say that depend on your nationality if you are local or European you wont face this issue. 3- My instructor refuse to give me the jump videos cause copying will take time and he have 3-4 AFF students, to jump with. 4- If the instructor told you , " You will Jump after one hour", then that mean you will jump after 3-4 hours , and that's really boring and kill the fun in going to the dropzone 5- Skydive Dubai desert campus is in middle of no where , around 50 min driving from the city and the desert view is not beautiful 6- Instructor is not supportive Again Ive seen alot of people recommend this dropzone and that's dependant on their AFF instructor.