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    I don't think that the FAI should be involved with wind tunnels

    The FAI is all about "air sports", so I guess the question becomes, is a wind tunnel an air sport? Well, there is certainly air blowing around at high speed, but it's artificial wind, not natural. Does that count? If people could pilot aircraft in giant wind tunnels, would that be a valid air sport too?

    For my dreams of FAI virtual reality skydiving, I guess I'm going to need a big fan blowing on me while I'm operating the computer software. That ought to make it qualify. After all, virtual reality is a simulation of real skydiving, just like a wind tunnel.

  2. So I read in Parachutist that the FAI has sanctioned indoor skydiving competitions. I can't wait until they also sanction virtual reality skydiving competition. Let's nickname it "VRS" to make it even more cool. In fact, I'm going to start practicing VRS on my home computer right now, so that when the FAI gets around to that, I'm going to be ready for it. I will become the KING of virtual reality skydiving, and will bring home the gold medal for America. Fame and fortune will follow soon thereafter, with guest appearances on David Letterman and Good Morning America, not to mention hordes of admiring hot computer geekesses.

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    how many others have started this sport past the 30 mark. :)

    Thousands. Not unusual at all.

    Many people who want to get into the sport earlier in life can't, because they don't earn enough money yet. So it comes later in life when they're more secure financially.