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  1. caya

    Beni Mellal

    I have been there the first time for one week in january and I have to say I will return. Even if you don't speak french they will welcome you very friendly and warm-hearted and will tell you everthing important in english. If there is someone not speaking english he will try to explain you in defferent ways or they find someone to translate. They have full services there included packing, very good food (with tea, fruits, lunch in Moroccain cusine, soft drinks for 7€/day), load organization, large and sheltered packing area, 2 Porter. They booked a hotel for us next to the dropezone for 29€ with breakfast and dinner with very friendly personal and good rooms. Even if there not so much skydivers in this one week we were getting to jump every jumpables day. I would like to thankyou Omar and his whole team for this wonderful stay at their dropezone.
  2. Very nice dropzone with pool and pond. The staff there is very friendly and helps you whereever they can. The camping area is very large and you can even eat at the dropzone. The weather is very steady during the summer and skydive of all levels are welcome. I have been there every year since 2009 and the dropzone is improved every year.