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  1. I've got a wings w1-2 ext. Dom 2005. Anyone know what size canopies it holds or what the biggest size canopy you've put in yours? Thanks.
  2. Has anyone put a 120 in a wings w-4 container? If so how tight is the fit?
  3. I think the main point here is if your not comfortable sliding in a landing then don't attempt it, because you obviously are not aware at what point your canopy planes out. Having said that, if you are coming in fast with horizontal speed and little to no vertical decent it's much safer to slide it in(on your thigh, like a baseball slide) then doing a PLF and risk getting injured tumbling. You should do your best to stand up every landing. I stood up every landing until an ankle injury forced me to start sliding in and I'll tell you once the ankle was better it was very hard to get out of that habit. Not a habit you want to build.
  4. Does anyone know or have a picture of where to tuck the stiffener of the freefly handle on the rig? I've seen multiple positions, just wondering which is correct.
  5. I'm limited in experience but i would do a canopy course if your DZ offers one and then ask the instructor to evaluate your canopy skills to determine if your ready to downsize. It's not so much the jump numbers but how proficient you are under canopy. Do you stand up all landings? Can you land the canopy exactly where you want? Can you flat turn below 100 ft comfortably? etc....
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. This really helps. Glad to know it shouldn't be a problem!
  7. I'm still pretty new to the sport but am interested in getting into freeflying eventually. I'm a smaller guy at 5'6 120lbs and fly pretty flat on belly (118-124 mph average with weight). I always wear at least 6-8 lbs of weight to jump with others. In belly flying you can arch to fall faster, but not with freeflying. I'm worried my fall rate will be an issue jumping with others. Can any of you experienced freeflyers chime in. Will this be an issue as with belly or does freeflying neutral out the playing field? Thanks
  8. I don't see how she is too weak to flare? Too weak to do a front riser turn maybe, but flaring requires little to no strength at all. I'm a smaller guy at 5'6 120 lbs and fly a 149 with no issues, even jumped a 215 with no landing issues. Like everyone else said video the landings and asses the technique. Maybe have her put her hands thru the toggles and wrap the brake lines to get a deeper flare when landing? If that solves the problem, shorten the brake lines.
  9. Spaceland Clewiston for Sure. Sebastian is about 45 minutes further from FLL and Clewiston is about the same distance as the Miami DZ but more fun jumper friendly. Great Staff, Good Vibe, and friendly people.
  10. I was actually in the same position as you. I usually did one jump a month, two at the most per month. A month between jumps is a lot when you are first starting out. To help I would lay on my stomach and practice my arch and go thru the dive flow for the next jump. This worked pretty well. Go through the dive flow in your head to get comfortable with what you need to do. The biggest thing about having a month between jumps is your nerves each time you go back out. I did it without a problem. Some people say to save up the money and do it all at once. It's really up to you, whether you do it once a month or wait til you have all the money it will still take the same amount of time to finish. As long as you and your instructor go over your dive flow enough before each jump you should be good.