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  1. On my first jump all I remember was my impression of "Tumble-Ina" on exit, "rolling out of bed", doing 3 PRCPs and then looking at my altimeter for about the 20th time and actually realizing what it showed and thinking "oh shit" I need to pull now or I will be going to a safety board soon. good times
  2. Well what is pleasant is that it got me into the sport!! Oh and even if it can be a PIA, I still get to skydive on Uncle Sugar's dime :)
  3. Becka, Thanks for the welcome!! I dig jumping for fun much more than work with a stupid ruck strapped to me, with O2 and NVGs. Go figure, work takes something that is fun as anything and makes it....well work. I appreciate the thorough response. Have a good one!
  4. Yes? Thank you for the links and I appreciate the response.
  5. I am new to the skydiving community, I just made the transition from Military Freefall to civilian jumping and was curious why it is not advised/ allowed to jump a GoPro prior to 200 jumps. Is it a snag worry or that the jumper will be distracted by the camera?
  6. Hey thanks for the welcome. Right now I am stationed in Germany and jump either at Calw or Bad Saulgau. I am moving back to the states next year and will be in the Carolinas.
  7. Hello All, Just wanted to post a quick intro. I have been lurking on here for awhile and just wanted to say thanks for all the great info you guys and gals post. I am a Military Freefall jumper and recently made the transition to civilian jumping and got my A license signed off on. This site has been an amazing resource making the transition. Thanks again Blue Skies jessie