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  1. It may not be there much longer if North Korea nukes Guam.
  2. Yes, skydivers are the smartest people in the country. No doubt about it.
  3. The number of "rides" should be related to the total number of jumps. 1 "ride" out of 5 tandems is bad. 1 "ride" out of 1,000 tandems is no big deal.
  4. Some tandem masters are a lot like Forest Gump, if you know what I mean.
  5. And he's still waiting for a good answer...
  6. Yeah, but is there a maximum age at which they won't take you?
  7. I'm going to the LA area for a long weekend, and while I don't plan on bringing my gear to skydive, I was considering the wind tunnel in Perris. Can anyone tell me what I should bring to fly in the tunnel? My own jumpsuit? I didn't think to grab my helmet when I left the dz Sunday, so that's out...........
  8. The old dirty worn-out rig that you want to wear when people ambush you and pour beer all over you after your record-breaking jump.
  9. Make yourself a freefall ant suit and then go do a hop 'n pop and duplicate the results for yourself.
  10. In the "settings" page, the very last box at the bottom, allows you to insert a time offset to use when reading forum messages, to put things into your own time zone.