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  1. I need multiple answers: I roll some, and fold others.
  2. I wouldn't eat it even if it smelled fresh.
  3. Macanudo

    Name the Bands

    I'm confused - which letter is now being used to start the next band name?
  4. Shhh! Don't give away the big secret. Let 'em think that they're actually passing something new, and then they'll go away happy. Little do they know that it's already being done. Lay low and let 'em feel good for "doing something", even though it's already being done. Then we gun owners can sit back and snicker at how ignorant and foolish they are, while letting them believe they won something. Mum's the word!
  5. I don't know, but that guy on the right has the skinniest toothpick legs I've ever seen.
  6. What is the composition of the washers, how many are there, and where are they located in your stabilizers? We need more to go on.