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  1. Hallo everybody first of all sorry for my bad english :-) i write this post and want to talk about Icaro Helmet, 4Fight Cut Skydiving Helmet. I found the homepage of icaro looking for an Helmet where i can wead Goggles: this one:, The price was 250€ inclusiv miniskirt. I sow the picture on the top and decide to call them and ask some more information, bacause i was reading here in an old post, and was not good for skydivingand the picture on theyr homepage doesnt look realistic.. ;-) I ask them: is that good for Skydiving? yes shure we made a few changes. Did the visier has a lock system? yes, there is. the helmet fit good? because is a little bit bigger from other skydiving helmet? Yes, and if it doesnt fit, we will send you for free a right internal padding. Are you shure doesnt come to much air under the helmet? You have to buy the miniskirt, so it will be no problem. So i decide for this price, must be good, bacause is also E.N.966 certificated, but for me was important that i have space for googles. I went back on the homepage, and i told my instructor to buy it for me. The price change after my phone, from 250 inclusiv miniskirt to 355 inclusiv miniskirt.... and he allready ordered...... Ok, i decide to wait for it because the price of skydiving helmet are like that, more or less.... I get the Helmet. ---The measurement i gave them, doesnt fit . the helmet is to large. --- the internal padding make my face red... dont know, could be my skin.... they told me is anallergyc.... --- the helmet lock system is nice one, but if i close strong to keep the helmet stay, i cannot brathe, go against my throat.And it stay under the miniskirt --- If you use the helmet without miniskirt, you will get to much air under it. --- the helmet lock system looks like it should be moved forward. ---the velcro that keep the cheek, is just fixed with glue, should be sewn it. So i decide to make some changes, bacause i like that helmet. I insert the miniskirt and the look system go outside, over the miniskirt and not inside, and move 3,5 cm the lock system forward, so i will get no pain on my throat and can good brathe I took the cheek padding out and cover it with another cotton cloth piece. the icaro 2000 send me bigger internal padding to fit the helmet. to fit the helmet i have to take 2 internal padding, one 48 and one 46, and sew them toghrter..... after that the helmet is perfect. i cut a little bit on the side the internal padding and make so a pocket to inser an audible. somebody buy it? did have to make some changes too or not? well, so how it is on the homepage, i think is not good for skydiving, you have to make some changes. in the picture you can se the change i made. The icaro 2000, was ready to change everithing i need, and they do it for me. Customer support is perfect. i still need a total new internal padding, because my skin burn when get contact with that material. If i will buy it again? Shure, but after a few changes.... changes that make the helmet confortables for skydiving. Hope helps and hope you understand it:-)
  2. I everybody, i was reading all the post here about gps data file if i could find a solution for my FlySight. I woodlike to ask you as well even if i m waiting the answer of Michael if he can find a solution. I both the FlySight in a Drop Zone in Italy. It comes to me at home, and had allready a jump data record inside. i phone to ask him if is used and he told me no, he just chek if it is working... anyway.... everytime before jump, my FlySight stop recording, more or less one minute before jumping. i do: - warm up time 15 minute, 1 or 2 minute before go in airplane, switch it on and chek light blinking 1000 meters before jump. - i chek the sd card with scandisk, no problem, work perfect - once i put headphone, before jump i hear something like when you pusch to talk the button of a schhh schhh schhh 4,5 times and then nothing more. - i fly on a Cessna 182 - i jump about at 3300 meters and switch it on at 2500 meters. - i use to kepp close to gopro, and worked fne, now i put it on the elmet and dont record - i try at home to register attached to gopro filming, ( to chek interference ) for 5 minute, and no problem, FlySight worked fine, data were recorde. - Satellite are always there - i tryed with old and last firmware - config file is ok. the problem persist... Site when i both it, it worked fine for the first 5 jump and the last 15 didnt record anythings.... thanks so much for your time.... if somebody has the same problem or any reccomend, i m glad. and sorry for my english :-)