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  1. Lots of restaurants offer bacon-wrapped shrimp, so bacon-wrapped lobster doesn't seem like much of a stretch.
  2. MArista

    Tomato Soup

    Sounds like he was about to brew some weird beer.
  3. MArista

    Tomato Soup

    Start making grilled cheese sandwiches and use it up!
  4. Aren't you going to give us a long poll to take in which we're compared to drug addicts and criminals?
  5. He sure wasted a lot of time saving that $25 ripcord handle, instead of just throwing it away and using that time to deal with his malfunction to save his life.
  6. You want to know where that stall point is so that you can avoid doing it when you're flaring for real near the ground. And to learn where that point is, you practice it up high.
  7. That's a ridiculous cartoon - everyone knows you shouldn't stand on the aileron.
  8. Make a foam cut-out that on the outside dimension fits into the Pro-Tec ear hole, and another cut-out within that where the inside dimension allows the Optima to snuggle inside. Put the optima in the plug, put the plug in the earpiece, done!
  9. What's your definition of "higher resolution"?
  10. Plastering a rhinocerous sounds even more dangerous than skydiving.
  11. Heck, he could have at least looked out the door after the helmet blew off to get a good fix on the spot so he could go look for it later.
  12. If there are so many things that can go wrong with this, then why are so many people doing it?
  13. The booger monster from space has Houston surrounded! Surrender or else!
  14. Thank you for that info.