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  1. Thanks Gents for the replies, I was stuck on how to proceed, I am going to just leave it be and move on. I do want to put another plug in for FSV Saar, they have been awesome, got me right in, started a class for me (by myself) and have been nothing but awesome, They have a huge packing area and a nice bar and great people. Camping, showers, and everything is clean. Tons of AFF instructors and planes are flying non stop.
  2. Hello all, I started AFF this week and just passed lvl 2 today. The DZ I am with now is Awesome! If you are ever in Germany FSV Saar is worth the trip. Great facilities and 2 Super vans. Now for the advice part, I started at the beginning of the week at a different drop zone here in Germany. I drove 1.5 hours one way and showed up at the correct place and time Monday morning. Weather was crap, I was the only customer and I waited 1 hour for the instructor who I was told was only 5 minutes away. No big deal, I am thinking this is how things work so far. After about another 10 minutes and it is now the second time I ask, I get to some paper work and start reading the manual I was handed. Another hour goes buy, still crap weather, no one is jumping, no other customers are even there. I have read through everything and I am at a point where I need instruction. Finally the instructor shows up, takes me to the hangar and starts to go over things with me. He seems very disorganized and a mess. After about 5 minutes of this, he tells me to hang on and goes back to the office. 5 minutes later he comes back out and tells me that he cannot teach me anything today, he is too hungover. We discuss this a bit, he says, to show up tomorrow at 9am and we will start again. I am pretty tolerant and decide to give him and the DZ a shot at redemption. I drive 1.5 hours home. Next day I drive another 1.5 hours to the DZ only to find out that I will not be getting any training again today as the instructor showed up drunk or something went wrong and he will not be working there (slight language barrier on this one) The owner apologizes and offers to pay me something for my gas. I am pissed at this point, 6 hours of driving for nothing. I ask around a bit and find out that this place is more for tandem, I should have done some research I guess. My question after this long story, how should I proceed? Should I tell others to avoid this place, should I right a review and name the place so others will know? This may seem odd, but I am still very new to the skydiving world. Thanks again.
  3. Yes sir it does, that was an easy decision. thanks again Chutingstar
  4. you guys are awesome, thanks for answering, will be coming to you for that if it seems worth the extra 30 bucks. Any insider news on it, such as quality, fit, durability? What I mean is did parasport send out any for experts to try in advance? Thanks Dustin
  5. I am buying up gear for upcoming training and I just bought a Z1 without a visor, the guy who sold it pointed me to a place to get a new one here http://unfeathered.com/ when I was there, I saw the upgrade to the Z1, a frame less visor, anyone used this, or has it not hit the market yet? looks like it can be ordered. I am getting a new visor either way, either the stock or the upgrade, advice or help is great. Thanks
  6. So I am leaving the Azores for Germany, I am USAF and getting stationed at Ramstein (Kaiserslautern). I am Static Line trained by the US Army and with any luck I will get the Jump slot at my job in Ramstein and get back to Static. Static is fun and all but I am really want to get AFF and really looking forward to jumping all over Europe. Got a couple of questions though; 1. Has anyone jumped at any of the following DZ or specifically got AFF trained at anyone of them? 2. I speak English and Portuguese (not 100% fluent) I am willing to learn German but I am not going to do it over night. How are the DZs on that? FSC Mannheim - Herrenteich (leaning towards this one) Fallschirm Sport Club Neustadt/Weinstrasse FSV Saar I did do a search for Ramstein and Military, did not come up with much that helped. My main concerns is how it was or how there are dealing with foreigners and the language barrier, I was there in the latter part of last year and it seems many Germans speak English. Anyways thanks in advance. GI
  7. Hello all, I am new to the site, I have jumped in the past US Army Static with 11 jumps, and a couple of tandem jumps, I am moving to Germany and am going to get AFF trained up when I get there, I live in the Azores now (Military) so no jumping as of late.