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  1. this guy seems to think if a law was passed saying no one can have guns the criminals will obey that law. THEY ARE CRIMINALS THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE LAWS. THEY DON'T GET THEIR GUNS LEGALLY IN THE FIRST PLACE. A BAN JUST DISARMS LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. DON'T OWN A GUN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO. I DON'T CARE. DON'T TRY TO TAKE AWAY MY RIGHTS. there are plenty of countries that have gun bans, go to one o f those if you are that uncomfortable. i'm done here The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  2. minus 19F last night got up to 8 today. supposed to be sunny and 50 by friday. i hate colorado The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  3. your welcome to bring a sleeping bag to mile hi and stay in the hangar. The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  4. come on man in another thread your telling us how great the world is how safe it is. pick a side senator. The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  5. sorry kiwi. type in tourist murdered in google then read for a few hours. pregnant woman has throat slit in puerto rico. journalist murdered in mexico city. A teenage boy who murdered British tourist Karen Aim in New Zealand. A US tourist was killed and two other people injured in Beijing on Saturday after a Chinese man attacked. BANGKOK, Thailand: Police investigating the murder of a Swedish tourist in Thailand said Sunday the woman was taking a walk on the beach. that was just the first page. the only common thread i see, all were unarmed The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  6. and that grand suckiness is the exact motivation for someone to take from other people. if we could end poverty then i think crime would go down too. but that aint happening so i stick to my guns. The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  7. and if i camr to germany spouting off how shitty german laws are would that go unpunished? no i would be escorted to the nearest airport and shown the door. chime in when you got something useful sweetie. The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  8. i would love to stay and continue this hoax of a conversation but tandems show in 25 min. go skydive The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  9. i tell ya what since we are not trying to change russia in any way why dont you leave the good ole USA just the way you found her. or go home if you dont like it The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  10. killing has never been nice to do. but it does happen people have guns1 because its a fun hobby 2 gives them something to do 3 because the world is not a nice place. someone sometime may try to take something from them that can only be defended with a weapon, like their life loved ones or property. i dont carry for fun. i dont carry to look cool. i carry a weapon because the world is a really fucked up place. as you said there skipy, "yet it seems many want nothing other than death and destruction." you might take a weapons education course just to see what its about a little bit. The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  11. he obviously went to find another victim..... or he went home cleaned the crap outta his drawers confessed his sins and cleansed himself of his wicked ways.... not likely but don't state absolutes when you have no idea. you don't get it do you. by being sheep you attract the bad wolves. if this had happened in Colorado instead of Nevada i would have pulled up my shirt tail when i saw him approaching. open carry has a lot of intimidation power. he would have seen i was armed and left at that point. or he would have tried to rob me any way. doubtful. Nevada has open carry laws i am not familiar with. if everyone is armed people would be a lot more polite. i don't start fights or arguments because if a fight broke out it has no choice but to be a life or death situation BUT I'LL BE DAMNED IF I AM GONNA BE A HELPLESS VICTIM i'll leave that for you The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  12. i typed a long reply to this but it cant be useful so i deleted it. people die in horrible fashion. dont dwell on it The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  13. dude you believe in the american justice system. thats fine and dandy. i hope im wrong but i would not trust my life to the system for anything. i train with my weapons more in a month than most cops train in a career. i fire about 15000 rounds a year. and thats not alot by some peoples standards. good luck in life, sir. The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  14. oh man i need a couple of those for these pilots around this airport The skies are no longer safe I'm back
  15. he thinks i should have filed a report and jonny law would magically find this guy. yeah right. The skies are no longer safe I'm back