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  1. Quote: "Marmite is made from yeast extract, a by-product of beer brewing... the product is a sticky, dark brown food paste with a distinctive, powerful flavour, which is extremely salty." Sounds yucky, except for the relationship to beer!
  2. There are lots of anonymous users here. The point is, if the paint scheme is a violation of HOA guidelines, then Westboro could use that to make them un-do the paint job, thereby gaining a win in the situation.
  3. And then we could all bring our guns into school. Lets keep the good ideas coming.
  4. Just pull it and see what happens!
  5. I hope that paint scheme doesn't violate some home owner association restrictions...
  6. I would like to know how a funding cut caused a 60-mm mortar to get stuck in the tube. Are they lubricated with dollar bill sabots or something?
  7. Have you called them and asked them directly?
  8. I would love to do some interviews with highly experienced skydivers. Maybe I should get some funding for a whole bunch of GoPro cameras and get recruiting on the forum here? Here's a much easier way: Buy a case of beer, show up at a drop zone at the end of the day, share the beer, and enjoy talking to everyone for hours while the beer loosens their lips and their minds. You'll learn far more being around them in person, then from these stupid online surveys.
  9. Alvin


    And then when you uninstall the unwanted software, it doesn't do a complete uninstall, and you end up with non-functional fragments hanging around to bug you.
  10. "Error: Each value must be less than or equal to 500." What if I have over 500 jumps? The entry boxes are invisible, making it hard to figure out where to put the cursor to type the response. Once a button is checked, you can't change your mind and un-check it. Some of the scales have six levels from "disagree" to "agree", thus there is no middle ground neutral entry - you are forced to lean towards either disagree or agree. "404 - not found" upon completing the LONG survey - does this mean I just wasted my time and am not entered to win the GoPro?