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  1. The flow in a wind tunnel needs to be as laminar as possible. You can treat a skydiver in free fall like stationary object placed in a laminar flowing fluid. THE VELOCITY OF THE FLOWING FLUID IS CONSTANT. Fnet=Fdrag+Fgrav=ma=0 The flow over the skydiver will form a boundary layer. Inside of this boundary layer is where you will see all of your turbulence (burble). Ik this is a 10yr old thread but im guessing you went with a laminar flow.!
  2. How do you feel about the fitment of the booties? I just ordered an rw loose fit and my primary concern is being able to have maximum bootie surface area with an angle between the sole of my shoe and shin bone some where between 90-110 degrees.
  3. Quote I ordered size 12 booties since i wear a size 12 shoe, however they were big and i had to send back for alteration. I would order a size lower than what you wear. and be careful measuring your inseam too, I think thats why my booties are long
  4. Hello all , I have recently bough a new Bev Suit with booties. Let me first say that the suit is well made Now I feel though that the booties (when stretched taught) should only require you to extend your toes to a point that makes a 90 degree angle with your shin bone and foot. Mine require me to extend my toes a lot and even after my suit is pulled up into my living room furniture, my foot doesn't achieve this "ideal 90 degree position" Is this the ideal way booties function with your foot? lemme know what yall have to say thanks !