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  1. Haha Jeff! Awesome! Someone was going to get that, sooner or later. Learn to pack, learn to fly.
  2. I'm sorry, my original post was a huge generalization. But I have noticed a growing trend of jumping into freeflying before one might be ready, and rapid downsizing (I'm assuming to swoop), before being ready. I just want to tell (some) jumpers to slow down, enjoy the ride. There will be plenty of time for freeflying and downsizing and swooping and all that other cool stuff. You just have to build up the necessary skill(s) first.
  3. Is there a correlation between freeflying and swooping. Is there a danger to jumping into freeflying while you're still new to the sport? Just like a clear danger to skydivers who begin swooping before they've honed their skillz. I ask these questions because I feel like some skydivers want to advance, advance, and advance some more without really putting in the necessary work. It kind of scares me some. What do you all think? I've seen plenty of tunnel rats downsize canopies, is that because they're "badass freeflyers" that they must be "badass canopy pilots" as well?
  4. My dog Taco, he's by far the greatest dog I've ever had. Been all over the country together.
  5. Nope, didn't say I remove them, I said that if someone were to try wearing earplugs and going steep at the same time it might get a little uncomfortable for them. That THEY(in caps for emphasis on other people) may want to take them out before THEY exit. I do know how loud it gets skydiving, but if you can jump without earplugs, then taking them out before you exit shouldn't make any difference.
  6. Trust me, the ear plugs help (me that is), and it's not just some placebo effect either. I hope you find something to help you out.
  7. I have allergies really bad almost year round. On the ride up to altitude sometimes one or both of my ears wouldn't have popped, and by 11,000 feet I would be in a lot of pain. However I found that wearing earplugs helps 100% with the ride up. No pain and a speedy adjustment for my ears. But, sometimes on a really steep trackdive, or having to dive down to a formation, there would be pain in my ears from the rapid altitude change and the earplugs not letting my ears adjust properly. I think wearing earplugs are a plus, but you may want to take them out before you exit.
  8. Skydive Paradise... Paradise, CA. Made my first tandem after my 18th birthday in 2003, and then my 2nd tandem there a few months later. Weird story. Very pretty place with a great view.
  9. Having broke 3 bones in my foot on a not so impressive landing, with shoes that had no sole support what so ever, I highly recommend giving strong consideration in the footwear you chose to sport. Nothing worse than looking like a chump, and getting injured in the process.
  10. Where is it that you are going to be jumping?