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  1. He's claiming he got "lost in the clouds" Everyone else landed on target, but he got lost in the clouds. You are right Google Earth is a bit inaccurate. It isn't showing all the new construction behind the stadium. He came in from the SE. That snail sign is on the North East perimeter of the stadium. I'll stop speculating because nonsensical comments about my character are being made for no reason. This site normally screams safety especially when it comes to incidents revolving helmet cams; so I was chiming in on the other landing areas that were available. Edited for clicky on the link
  2. I get what you are saying, but why would he not land in the perfectly well maintained fields to the west of the stadium. Seems like he wanted the applause more than anything. He put himself and other in danger of getting hurt for no reason at all.
  4. I use the app AeroWeather. It gives me all the real time details on what is going around my DZ. It shows, wind speed / wind direction / visibility / clouds / temp and a few other fun details. (see attachment) I pair that with weather underground and it gives me a pretty good idea what is going on now and in the next few hours. Unfortunately I haven't found one toe be accurate over 3+days out. Weather underground and accuweather used to be my go to for the days out, but they have all failed me at some point or another.
  5. I just ordered the generic assuming I would get a the all black with pin stripe. I have to say I'm actually stoked about the surprise I got. I really dig the colors on it.
  6. A guy at my DZ has FOOK ME. I think it is pretty great.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. He was turning at probably 300 feet and didn't even get a chance to fully flare. He is extremely lucky he didn't break his legs or get hurt from that. He even continues to fiddle with the chest strap after landing. Wow... just wow.
  8. 22yo when I did my first tandem. Always wanted to get into the sport, but never had enough cash until this year. Started my AFF about a month ago and finished last weekend. Now I'm at 14 jumps, hoping to have my 'A' license by June. (I'm 27 now.)
  9. No, no worries. I actually checked because of this post. That was for AFP; I wanted AFF. I'm doing AFF. Only 1 tandem now and then it's off to the races.
  10. Not a choice, I was told it was required to begin AFF(3 tandems) . Tandem's I did were a few years ago.
  11. Thanks! Will do. Saturday is ground course and a couple tandems (maybe).
  12. Maybe I'll see you there. I'll be there all day Saturday and possibly Sunday.
  13. Thanks again for reaching out to me. I look forward to meeting everyone there!
  14. I've jumped tandem three times before completely recreational, but this is my first lesson jump. Although in the last tandem I did tell the guy I was planning on getting certified so he gave me tips on our way down.
  15. Thanks! I've been reading the rules to kind of give me an idea of what it will be like. I will definitely try to get a good nights sleep. Hopefully I can, but it may be hard with how excited I am.