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  1. Didn't Travis Pastrana get banned from skydiving for doing a stunt similar to this? how is this guy not getting the banned too?
  2. I'm starting AFF as soon as I graduate high school which is in 20 days, will take a year off, get another job, and make as many jumps as possible. I just need to find a good DZ near me to start the AFF course, Sky's the limit in PA is a good one but it's too far and I don't get my license until september, I wish I could go to Sky dive the ranch but it's too far.
  3. Yeah I know, I just like to hear different opinions from people. Thanks.
  4. I found a buddy a used rig in great condition for a bit over 1/3 that. How do you find good used gears, do you find them in DZ? or look online?
  5. No, the 3k for the A license is separate. So 6k it's enough for good used gear? around how much is a new one?
  6. I'm 18, full time high school student making around 13k a year, 10k after taxes. Was planning on starting skydiving this spring break but I've been busy, as soon as I graduate I'll start jumping almost everyday and buy a rig because renting seems kinda expensive, with a budget of 6k will I be able to get a good one? Didn't want to make a thread for this so I'll just ask here.
  7. $2600 for everything it's not bad actually, sucks not being able to go there.
  8. But can't we finish the AFF and do the jumps whenever we want?
  9. When are you planning to start the AFF course? It would be cool to have a training buddy haha, I'm still not sure though, I'm going to start calling places maybe this saturday to see where I'll go, Jersey Shore seems like a nice place.
  10. Unless I'm getting things mixed up here $1,685 isn't that bad considering it's a little over 2k at Skydive The Ranch. I wouldn't mind paying 2k as long as the classes are really good. How much is it at Jersey Shore, and how old are you?
  11. I don't know man, where do you live? I've heard Cross Keys is a good place to skydive I don't know about their AFF course though do you know how much it is?