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  1. Agree completely with carrying your rig on. I type this as I sit in the airport with my rig about to board. If you must check, I also agree with the Pelican recommendation. I have a Mirage G4 M4 with a 176 Optimum and a 170 main. My rig fits perfectly without mashing it into a Pelican 1560.
  2. This doesn't answer your question, but it does give some context and other examples. I have a Mirage G4 M4 with an Optimum 176 in it. Reserve fits great (and deploys out of there great btw). Canopies I have had in this rig and MY impression of how they fit. Demo'ed a Storm 190. Super tight. Would not do it again. Sabre2 170. Fits like a glove. Perfect. Own and jump this canopy. Demo'ed a Pulse 190. Fit great. Might be something for you to think about. Not the sporty-ist canopy, but actually liked it and think it is a good canopy at a reasonable wing loading. The bottom skin makes this super easy to pack and very low volume. Spectre 170. Fits great. I own and use this canopy for wing suiting. Demo'ed a Pilot 168 ZP. Canopy was brand new and was really tight but ok in my container. I don't have any doubt that after it was broken in with some jumps it would fit better/fine. Definitely packed larger than my Sabre2. I have found some of Mirage's suggestions on canopies to not quite fit with my expectations and experience (i.e. a 190 Storm, for example). I load my 170's about 1.3 or so. I don't have first hand experience with ZPX but was leaning towards a Pilot for a while and did a bunch of reading and asking figment questions and never got very good answers I felt comfortable with, as it seems you are now experiencing. Good luck with the process, I know it can be frustrating.
  3. I don't post too often, but this picture deserves a big old "well done." Got to come out of hiding to say it. What an amazing shot.
  4. Interesting--I have a Sabre2 210 also, load it right at 1.1. I have never experienced what you are describing. Bought my Sabre2 new--it has between 150 and 200 jumps on it. I have pulled pretty hard on the rears with breaks stowed many many times and never had anything like you are talking about--makes me think that (as previously suggested) the canopy is out of trim or the break lines are short. Offering this as a reference point on another Sabre2 210 loaded about the same WL, FWIW.
  5. In watching the video, I assume that if you bought a Trap-equipped container, but chose not to use the Trap feature, you could have this rigged for use with just a standard RSL? I'm looking a getting a new container right now and don't mind an extra $250 to ensure if I want a Trap in it at some point I'll have it, but I don't know enough about it at this point to know IF this is something I want.
  6.™ Jumped at Eloy a few times over the winter. Couldn't help noticing a lot of people, including instructors, wearing the pants at the link above. Bought a pair. While spendy, on par with or cheaper than some of the custom FF pants out there. I really like them. They come in a lot of different colors. Very tough (the knee pads don't come with the pants and are an add on item you wouldn't want, I don't think).