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  1. Talk to them, Angela. Express your concerns and see what can be worked out. Me? I'm a nurse in the middle of a nursing shortage. "Kiss my ass" is my response to an unwanted employer action. Michael
  2. crwmike


    Wouldn't even consider it. Having the continuance and privacy of my email depend on the whims of one person is not appealing. Michael
  3. Talk it over with the really experienced CRWDog (R.E. ?1000-ish CRW jumps). I'm sure USPA has some sort of recommendation about it ...nobody pays much attention. Michael
  4. It is all patent nonsense. Some of the fairy tales are more poisonous than others, but fairy tales they are. That pretty well sums it up. Michael
  5. So if you acknowledge that Kerry will be little or no different from Bush, why advocate voting for either? A true vote for liberty would be a vote for Libertarians, but people don''t recognize the power a "third party" could wield, and think they don't want to "waste their vote." But what right path is there? When we were burning witches, which was the right path? When we were buying and enslaving people, which was the right path? When we were hanging niggers from any convenient tree, which was the right path? When we empowered Joe McCarthy to destroy thousands of lives to protect us from the red menace, which was the right path We now have the choice to once again lash out in our cultivated fear, or rise above it and, perhaps, save our nation. What, indeed, is the right path? Depends on what you value. I've looked in my soul and I made my choice. Michael
  6. It's a rush! My first was in the back seat of a Taxi in the ER parking lot. Share the beer with whomever seems appropriate. That sucking response is startling isn't it? I though I was going to lose my hand to that little Hoover. Michael
  7. Yeah, I know. See, the problem is that it's not just that people aren't resisting the invasion of big brother into our lives, people are demanding that our govt do that ...and politicians are responding. Kerry is a slimeball politician is Bush. The best I hope for is that a defeat for Bush will demonstrate well, if not a mandate, then a change from the direction of extinguishing the lights of freedom and liberty. The greatest threat to the United States as a free nation at this time and place comes not from terrorism, but from our own hearts. This election is almost secondarily about selecting a president It is a showing of hands from we, the people about the direction we, as a nation, take from here. So, I don't ask people to vote for Kerry (fuck him). I ask that they vote for liberty and freedom from tyranny. This is, indeed, a cusp and who we are is measured by what we do when it counts. I share the anger, the outrage that my country was attacked, my brothers and sisters murdered, but please, oh please do not destroy the very things that make us the greatest country in the world. It's not about power or wealth. It's about what we stood for. Whoever we vote for, I would hope we vote with our minds ...and our hearts. In 50 years of watching elections, I've never seen so much riding on the outcome. It counts this time, people. It's time to take stock of who we are and what we will be. Peace, Michael
  8. ...and then there is the comfort, bonding and comraderie. It will have a vibe all it's own. Michael
  9. Home page ---"the pub" (on the left) "DZ chat" (in the middle)
  10. Congresswoman Harris is a piece of work. She done her 'duty' and she got her reward.
  11. Now, see, you're starting to sound like those doom and gloomers. "The world will end in 2005" and so on. LOL, it's all right, I have no prediction as to the future. I was just wondering who people thought would win. Ciels- Michele Well you see, it's not all right. No one has ever hear me passionately support or oppose a political candidate. Basically, I viewed it with amusement as one set of gestures and words swayed the nation. This is the first time (yeah, I'll buy beer :) I see the choice as a critical one. This isn't a game supporting one team or another. This is just about the most significant election in our history. This is a cusp that will either turn our country into big brother watching out for our welfare, or it might turn away from such a path. 30 years from now, please remember this conversation ...then go out and fight the sonsabitches who took away our freedom under the guise of protecting it. That's where we're headed. If you believe that it is necessary to sacrafice the essential freedoms that this country was founded upon, for a sense of security, then I just disagree. If, however, you really don't see what's coming, well god help us all. Michael
  12. I predict bush ...and it does, indeed, show my opinion of the public. Historically, assuming free press will survive, it will be viewed as one of the darkest days in US history.
  13. Bryan Scott is the best of the best. He has a web page up: and you can get the contact info there. CRW Skies! Michael
  14. That's what I've been trying to tell ya. Next step is realizing that our more 'civil' interactions derive from the same primitive place.
  15. Seems like it to me, but I don't have any experience with airlocked canopies. Just wondering where the conventional wisdom is coming from. Michael