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  1. Time Left: 8 days and 16 hours

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    Stiletto 120, DOM 2000, red, blue and gray. About 500 jumps on the canopy and 150 on the line set. One small master rigger patch from previous owner - small enough that I've never been able to find where it is. Great canopy, with really smooth openings and fun to fly! Asking $500 OBO.


    Brooklyn - US

  2. Time Left: 8 days and 16 hours

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    Wings container, DOM 5/13, Model W6; articulated freefly, with RSL, stainless steel. Only about 150 jumps! It holds a 120-150 sq ft main. This container was made for me, a 5'4 female, 135lbs. I've attached a photo of the original measurements on the order form. Obviously, there's wiggle room. Asking $1,700 OBO. Want to sell fast!


    Brooklyn, New York - US


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    Liquid Sky Sports Lunar freefly suit, mostly gray with red accents. Cordura butt, cordura knees, clean-cut leg cuffs with stirrups, clean-cut arm cuffs. Only has about 30-50 skydives on it! I'm a 5'4 female, slightly longer in the torso, and weight fluctuated between 130-145lbs. The suit was obviously a tighter fit at 145, but still fit comfortably. DOM 12/13 Asking $275. Message for measurements.


    Brooklyn, New York - US