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  1. Snowcrash

    Velcro risers/toggles

    I don't know about risers, but toggles you could get from any of the BASE gear manufacturers; Apex, Adrenaline et al.
  2. Snowcrash

    Making a jump in Japan - Tokyo area

    I contacted Tokyo Skydiving Club a couple of years ago on They were super friendly, helping out with all the hoops you need to jump through to go skydiving in Japan. IIRC you need to be part of their national association and have local insurance. They offered to fill in all the papers and everything. The only thing I had to do was go to a local post office once in Japan to pay for the insurance. I never ended up going though so I couldn't say anything about the DZ as such. They even offered to pick me up from the train, so I'm sure the atmosphere has to be great.
  3. Snowcrash

    AltiTrack Failures

    While it might not be the fastest, L&B's service is normally the best. I sent them my Optima II earlier this summer and a few weeks later I had a new one in the mail.
  4. Yes! Plenty of people have. You are by no means the only one and I'm sure you will be hearing stories from much more accomplished skydivers than I further down this thread of how they also started their skydiving career with a failed AFF1. I would even venture that you learned more from your experience than many who managed enough to pass. You seem to be well aware of what happened, and why, which will the key to learning and improving.
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  6. Snowcrash

    Just landed at Västerås

  7. Snowcrash

    Sabre2 150

  8. Snowcrash


  9. Snowcrash

    Stiletto 135

  10. Snowcrash

    Sabre2 150 and Sabre2 190

  11. Snowcrash

    Sabre2 150

  12. Snowcrash

    Stiletto 135