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  1. Hey, I´m travelling round South America at the moment and am heading to the Rio Carnival at the beginning of feb. Does anyone have any good dz suggestions for Rio or know of any skydiving events that I could muscle in on at this time? Cheers Steve
  2. The Darker Side Of Cochstedt: View photos at you own risk.... To be honest its just a load of excited people larking around, but they've had me giggling over the last hour bringing back fond memories, so enjoy! Can't wait until next year!!!!!
  3. Ohhh yeah!!! I'll dig those other photos out later and put them in cyberland for the world to see!!
  4. And the drinks were so bad you ended up sucking on a petrol pump!
  5. Awesome! Nice job Jarno! I love the view from the ground, it gives you a real sense of speed!
  6. Oooh Jesus! It's amazing how half a bottle of rum can make it look like you're enjoying anything! I didn't realize I was being suffocated by pillows whilst the whole imac thang was going down. Scott - You should've got the photo of Macca when he came out of the shop with his E200 worth of porn!
  7. Aaaah, wingsuits.....with Champagne, can you blame me! Hey Betsie, I'll be uploading that "PURE" one of you later, so don't think you're getting away with it
  8. AaaMen! What an awesome time! As you first arrive you are presented with the maddest DZ ever! Its got a proper control tower, baggage handling rooms, the works! Thanks to everyone for such an amazing time. I'll be buzzing for the next couple of weeks atleast!! The whole operation was so well organised and all the staff had a smile on their face the whole time! Amazing jumps during the day, I mean the 48way was done from 18,500ft which lastest almost 3 minutes and averaged 60mph!!!! It was so great to meet that many birdmen/women in one place and everyone learnt so much, with the debriefs (which I'm guessing were held somewhere around passport control) left everyone exclaiming FookYa!! as we watching them on the projector. Evenings were spent drinking beer and watching the video from the day. Those guys did a great job of getting the video out that quick! So thanks again to everyone for making that an amazing boogie. Same time next year? Toally Awwwwsome Dudes!!! Steve
  9. We've lost contact aswell. I've been sending emails over the last week with no reply. Has anyone received their VISAs through yet? I feel a little unnerved sending photocopies of our passports over the net! We've put a deposit down for the Oka too, but it seems quite pricey at £25 a night. Does anyone know what the accomodation facilities are like on the DZ?
  10. Well it was a great weekend for the jumps we actually made. Bloody windy, bloody Britain! Macca, I just had to try and fly you into national grid out of jealousy for you getting your S6 first!!
  11. Hey! Looking forward to this boogie!!! Does anyone know of any hotels in the area? This is the only one we've found! 1. gadget (NL) 2. Jari (FI) 3. Jussi (FI) 4. B.J. Alexander (USA) 5. Scary Perry (USA) 6. MCordia (NL) 7. Medusa (COL) 8. Costyn (NL) 9. Joni (USA) 10. 11. Vincenzo (ITA) 12. Tristan (NL/ITA) 13. FeetFlyer (S) 14. Valery Rosov (RUS) 15. Matt Wells (USA) 16. 15 confirmed Russians (names coming soon) 31. Herwig Habenbacher (Austria) 32. Allan Fox (USA) 33. Fish (Switzerland) 34. Kalapala(India) 35. lego (Estonia) 36. Skyflyingbecca (USA) 37. Bo Wienberg (DK) 38. Giulio Petroccione (ITA) 39. Frits Jensen (DK) 40. Hanne Soerensen (DK) 41. Marco Pistolesi (ITA) 42. 43. Fabrizio "Chiller" Fontanesi (ITA) 44. Yuri 45. Paul Mazzillo (USA) 46. "Purple Mike" Swearingen (USA) 47. Mark Harris (UK) 48. Duncan Wright (UK) 49. Pierre Pascal (UK) 50. Stephen Such (UK) 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. Macca (UK)
  12. Whooo Hooo!! God bless these 4 day bank holidays! See whoevers going up tomorrow then! Ahh Geordie Man I was looking forward to a couple of jumps and drinkies with ya! Thats you after one, that is.
  13. Hey Congrats on the BMI mate!! Thats quality!! I'm glad I'm not the only one thats had a brush with a barbed wire fence. Hope you guys and gals all had a great time over Christmas and that you managed to get some more jumps in after the puss stopped Macca
  14. Cheers guys! What an awesome weekend!!! I was very impressed with the BMI course, which was amazingly thorough with a great proffessional attitude. And a extra special thanks to Mark and Yari for making us work on the checkout dives!! We then did some great flocking dives and there was some awesome clouds around. Unfortunately Macca had to go home so missed those! Met loads of cool people there and a nutter from JordieLand too! Thanks for a top time!!!!!