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  1. Moderators: Since Tunde has been banned now, for whatever darned reason, shouldn't all of his messages including this thread, also be deleted to comport with NewSpeak policy?

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    But this goes to show how misguided the liberal gun control train has become. 4% of all firearms related deaths were with rifles...all rifles. I'm sure if broken down even more assault rifles account for less than 1.5%.

    Yep, they take a type of gun that accounts for only a tiny percentage of the problem, and that's what they attack, while ignoring the handguns which account for the large majority of gun murders. Nonsense!

    Ah, but it will make them feel so much better for "doing something" about gun crime.

    And they can mislead the public about so-called "assault weapons", and divide gun owners over the issue, then they have a chance of victory, even if it's a misguided victory. But from their viewpoint, any nibble at the overall gun ownership right, is worth doing. It doesn't have to be logical or factual.

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    And that he hasn't brought it up before would be because it's just another activity, he likely doesn't misuse the weapon, and it's not anybody else's business whether he finds shooting guns to be a fun, and private, hobby or not.

    Just like 99.9999% of all gun owners in America. The same ones upon whom he wants to pile-on more restrictions.

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    All requirements can be complied with by an electronic logbook. The only problem is people who don't want to change their habits.

    It was the same in aviation, where it is A LEGAL REQUIREMENT to have a logbook, and now the vast majority of commercial pilots use electronic logbooks.

    Why would a piece of paper have more value than a virtual logbook? We now live in an electronic world, even the money is virtual now, don't tell me a skydiving logbook -that has no legal value- is something so special that can only be done by paper!

    I bet in a few years nobody will care if you have a paper logbook or not.

    The diference is that not everybody knows how to deal with the wide variety of electronic gizmos out there. But everyone DOES know how to look at a paper logbook - it's a common denominator that works no matter where you go.