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  1. ChuckMartin

    Packing: Pilot ZPX vs Pulse

    I would say it's a little smaller. At the 150 size you might not see much of a difference between the two.
  2. ChuckMartin

    intrudair shark and manta

    They also just came out with the Barracuda. Shameless plug for my store. Not much about it yet. All I have from them so far is a Pirahna2. So I can't tell you much about the Shark or Manta from a personal standpoint. Would just be repeating stuff I heard from others.
  3. ChuckMartin

    best american wingsuit dz?

    Elsinore is always a good bet. Nice weather, busy dz, and a WS school there. Also SD Chicago would be good but would be my 2nd choice. DSE would be the guy to talk to on here, I have a feeling he would say Elsinore too. haha
  4. Somebody asked this same question a few months ago I think the answer he got from most people was something along the line of "if you have to ask, you shouldn't". If you want to open a DZ you either have been around long enough to know how to or have enough money to pay somebody that does.
  5. Have not seen any. I don't really see any huge advantage to these over what is already being used. The price is pretty nice, might be a easy way for somebody just starting to shoot or wants a few to mount around them. Its only a 100° fov so not as forgiving as the POV cameras out there.
  6. ChuckMartin

    Sonic Flywear

    Never heard of them. They are made in Spain so many they just have not gotten over here yet. There prices don't look extremely good, about average. You could get a basic Vertical or Tonfly suit for about the same cost.
  7. ChuckMartin

    so how did you get into skydiving.

    Stop starting a new thread for every question you have. Also many of them, like this one, has been talked about before. Use the search tool. Most people here would be happy to talk to somebody new with some questions but the way you are doing it is ticking off a few people.
  8. ChuckMartin

    Any word on a tunnel in Houston?

    I heard something about them building two out there but that could be wrong. I know at least one. I live in Austin and this is where their corporate office is and I jump with a lot of the guys that work there. There are a ton of tunnels going up in the next year.
  9. ChuckMartin

    Cold weather gloves

    Rubber gloves under the ones you have now will help a lot. Could also look into cold weather gloves made for skydiving, or even the motorcycle ones work. Remember sometimes the warmer ones are bigger and thicker which will take away some dexterity.
  10. ChuckMartin

    Worth trip to NH tunnel?

    I'v been to a few, some of the oldest and the newest. If all you're working on is back and belly stuff I don't know if it would really matter that much. Both Orlando and NH are 12ft so like my wife says the size doesn't matter. I think NH has a higher max speed. Looks like NH costs a little more also. Might be better to spend that extra money, plus what you would spend on getting there, on more time in Orlando. I'v never been to Orlando but I can tell you out of the 5 I have been to I like NH the least. Nothing wrong with it but it I had the choice there are others I would go to.
  11. ChuckMartin

    Non USPA dropzone let me do my own video

    Not smart man. Think you would have known what to do if you had a problem.