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  1. Please let me try an understand this: One goes out and buys a COMPLETE parachute rig from a reputable company called Parachute Systems recommended by some fellow South Africans at quite an expense. End of last year, all rig Vortex II containers were grounded due to a "flawed" ss ring and all containers were recalled. Since January, my container has been with Parachute Systems in Durban with an expected return of 9 months! In the 9 months, I need to keep my licence valid and myself current for various reasons, one obviously safety. I therefore need to rent a rig or borrow one. Renting a rig costs on average USD27-30/Jump. So, for a period of 9 months to stay current I would need to rent a rig for min 45 Jumps = $1250. So last week I get a mail from P.S saying they are 2 months behind with the replacement containers and supplied all recalled customers with a $100 gift voucher to spend with them on any equipment! WTF!??? What about the rentals of rigs, having to jump with harnesses that don't fit properly, getting to DZs that dont have the right size canopy to jump with etc etc etc??? Also, the rigger's costs for stripping down the rig, the reserve repack to follow, these are costs that I have to bear...no recall on that from P.S! They also did not answer any mails pertaining to questions surrounding delivery etc in the 9 months I sent them. Last weeks mail is also unanswered! In my opinion, i find this whole saga pathetic and handled atrociously... Shame on you PARACHUTE SYSTEMS!***Quote
  2. Thanks Meso, I was the dude he tried to rip off. Ifyou want, I can forward you the correspondance I had with him leading up to finding out of the scam? Good on you for making it visible to everyone on the site!
  3. I did the Doodle thing on him and prob found the same stuff you did...The scammers seem to set everything up to make themselves look legit. Spread the word though!
  4. True, that's what got the warning bells going! Plonkers!Quote
  5. Hey all you guys selling gear! I posted a rig for sale and had a guy contact me wanting to purchase the rig. His name is Tyler Goshawk. Anyway, the deal went this way. He paid using Paypal but added an additional $850 for shipping. I would then need to pay the 850 to some due in Florida(shipping agent) to collect the rig. This is after my e-mail showed the PayPal payment. Only things was why so much? Anyway, contacted Paypal and they informed me no such payment was pending or having been made. To cut a long story short, I would pay the 850 and he would cancel the PayPal payment and I would have lost the money! Careful dudes, there are assholes out there so beware for this guy and his scam!!!