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  1. since I'm new to all of this stuff, I'm assuming that all of the software mentioned is PC based or are some of these available for Macs like I said I'm new to all of this and I've been watching the post trying to decide whether or not to by Mac or Pc
  2. I know that there are a lot of diehard PD people and I jump at a dominant PD dz. I was thinking about buying a 132 r-max reserve. I was just wanting some feedback before I buy one. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. Don't worry, I'm gonna tell everyone Betsy says it will be ready!
  4. I don't know anything about Peter or his Pan, but we will be training last weekend of the month, a little help please.
  5. come on Bets lie to me, or at least tell us a good story, I know they have ran the tunnel, I hear that they need to finish the a/c, interior, and a little finish work inside the chamber. I heard a rumor that they can keep people at the nets at 75%. Of course you can't confirm or deny, so tells us a story-pleeease.
  6. Everybody in here has advised you not to do it, but I don't think you are going to listen. I know this first hand. I tried to downsize to quickly. I admit that it wouldn't have mattered what anyone said I was going to do it. I now have a titanium rod and some pins in my leg. I ended up taking 3months off of work rehab myself so I could walk. It probably took me another nine months to get rid of the limp. I can tell you that an injury like this will make you think twice about what you want out of this sport. By the way I waited 500 jumps to get injured. As far as currency goes I live in Arizona I probably average 250 jumps a year. Ask yourself if you can afford 3 months or longer off and the bills that go along with it. By the way I personally know of 3 other people with rods in their lags and none of them have recovered as well as I have. All that being said I have made another 500+jumps since my accident. Please learn from my stupidity. If this is trolling I'm at work
  7. not at all, they are professionals, they know how fast you can go before you get to the door (I know they have to slow down for me), they will organize dives that you can accomplish, depending on where you jump normally you might learn more from them in one day than you will learn in a season. If you look closely during a skydive you might catch them smiling and having as much or more fun than you. You will find they want nothing more than to help you have fun.
  8. come on, where and when are the people maybe moving a little? I know this guy who's uncle has a sister that dated a girl who's sister's boyfriend has a friend that was at the DZ and heard a guy talking about a rumor he heard that maybe about today or so they might peddle on the bikes, plug in the extension cords, and put a little juice to the flux capacitor. I know I know you will not let any Jedi mind tricks allow you to give any hint of completion date, but can't you confirm if any of the wind in Eloy is more than a dust devil.
  9. Bump, Betsy can't you give us a little update. I'm pretty sure I saw some people with long extension cords running them out to the tunnel, I'm just wondering what they were going to plug in. come on just a hint
  10. Now Betsy you didn't even say which Holiday Boogie!
  11. Hey everybody they started on the roof, check the website. Yeah I know, its still gonna be awhile!
  12. Lori, hurry up check the web site the grass is green on the latest pic, hurry up by late may it will be gone.
  13. Like someone else said the only problem with the pic is I just received the March issue!
  14. The teams that broke the rules deserved sanction, but how was anybody served by not allowing them to finish their rounds. This wasn't a year where anybody was going to represent. They weren't competing in classes that were going to represent. It is true that we are responsible for knowing the rules, but unfortunately in our sport we only have one big event a year. Some teams only get the chance to compete once a year, and learn some of the rules for competition. I don't think having a team travel across the country, disqualifying them and then not letting them finish their jumps promotes growth in our sport. Once they were disqualified or made guest teams why not let them finish their jumps. For most teams, the Nationals is about doing your personal best, its about seeing how much you have improved on a personal and team level. I think these teams were cheated out of that chance. Calling them cheaters after that was just salt in open wounds.
  15. the weeks not over yet, beside I've given her a pretty big bruise already Quote