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  1. Shit. Just found this ha.;search_string=mount%20camera;#726783
  2. Hey! I have a Bonehead Optik helmet with a flat-top and want to mount my Canon DSLR with a bite switch. I have no idea where to start looking for mounts or what is out there for this. Any ideas/ places I need to look? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the help. I have talked to peeps at Elsinore, Tsunami/Oceanside, Perris, and have yet to make it over to Skydive San Diego. I will make it a point to get over there. I've checked out and I was thinking that would have a better chance with the larger number of visitors but I'll give their forums a shot as well. Thanks! Keep the info coming.
  4. Hello! B-License jumper in Orange County and San Diego areas looking to get into BASE and having difficulties finding a crew to meet and learn from. Long-shot trying to find someone here but worth a shot. Anyone in the area who is interested like myself or who has knowledge or a group already, I would love to talk. Post here if you can help! Thank You
  5. Look Chris, I might be asking stupid questions, but I have to ask none the less. New to the sport means I've got lots of questions and few people to go to. But you offered me ZERO helpful advice on this one. Chuck Martin definitely helped out. You can be a Super Douche all you want, to whoever you want, I can deal with that no problem. But I mean at least offer some relevant data or information man or your just another dick on the internet. So you can go fuck yourself if you gunna continue to haggle me over a question I wanted some further information on. Oh and save me the response. I just don't have the time to sift through your bullshit again.
  6. Hey ChuckMartin, Thanks a ton for all the help. After a whole hell of a lot of trying, I got in contact with Aerodyne and they said a Pilot 168 zpx would fit it. Other 170 canopies would not. I was honeslty just looking for someone who had specific experience with attempting to put a 170 in an I4. They gave me the simple "Refer to the sizing chart" answer in the email so I didnt get to discuss it as I wanted to. A couple of people at my DZ had experience and they said that it was pain to get in, but they never had a problem with function. Again, really appreciate all the help.
  7. Hey Everyone! Does anyone have experience with trying to get a a 170 into a Icon I4? Aerodyne says the pack tray holds is 150-135. More specifically im looking to get a Saber2 in there. Thanks for the Help!
  8. Ok then. The answer is no. That is why I asked. I was pretty certain it wouldnt work which is the reason I brought it up for discussion and the picture posted is something I pulled off the internet, not my helmet. Thanks to DSE for being the only person who wasnt a dick. It's hard to ask questions when your new to the sport and you dont have any jump knowledgeable friends to ask.
  9. thanks for the reply. I would mount it on whichever side works better. I would mount it with the basic adhesive clip mount and make an L out of the pieces made by GoPro. The GoPro is tight to the side of the helmet. So much so that when it is mounted, the GoPro itself is still barely touching the side of the helmet. There is no space between the GoPro and the helmet. Similar to the picture attached. But my gopro still touches the side of my helmet
  10. Hello. I have a Z1 helmet and want to mount a GroPro snug on the side of it. Right about where your ear would sit in the helmet. Too dangerous with the risers? Has anyone tried it? Thanks!