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  1. Please someone help this dude. From the initial photos I saw he had the damn thing on backwards and had his wife do up the zippers from behind.
  2. You're a little short on recent BASE history Parafrog, then you might understand Avery's reaction.
  3. Were you head low and/or 1 shoulder low?
  4. Nick, You may be interested in upgrading to WEMT.
  5. Hehehe...not yer usual Avery type post ....are you sure Skinflicka didn't tap into your sound kinda British...
  6. I would say that was exaggerated, but he did intentionally wait to clear the crowsnest before deploying, so I guess it's all relative. Maybe Lonnie can comment. I can't remember if the rollover was a second jump or not. Maybe SabreDave remembers. Just keep that site lowkey's a good one.
  7. Me and Cooper have FF that deck HH many times. I also McConkeyed it back in 2002 or 2003. I was there when that little stinger was freefallen and I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. Lonnie climbed that little fucker, it was swaying all over the place, a combination of his weight and the wind, and he jumped it stowed. He had to clear the deck below which sticks out what...6-8 ft? It was a jump none of us locals would have even dreamed of. Like Douggs said to me in the past, Lonnie you're one hardcore mofo!
  8. base587

    oregon waterfalls

    I don't post here much anymore, but I've got to log on and say that jump was in my top 5. Good times Raist!
  9. Didn't Dave Barlia do the same thing years ago?
  10. base587

    ITW Fatality

    Shared some good times with Eddie in Moab back in 2004. Like Ray said, he was one of those guys you thought would always be around. He will be missed. Fly on Eddie!
  11. base587

    170' freefall

    I strongly disagree. Maintaining line tension is extremely important in ALL unpacked jumps!
  12. base587

    170' freefall

    My thoughts; I'd first feel REALLY good about freefalling 180 - 200' multiple times and static lining 140ish feet multi times (to build good canopy control) before thinking about 170' FF's. Be systematic with your approach to low altitude BASE. Don't rush it. Work down on your altitude slowly. Then you'll figure out your comfort zone.
  13. the rumors weren't're still alive!!!!
  14. OK this has to be mean Arkansas, like 'Arkansas River' under the RG Bridge in CO, not like the state of Arkansas...right? ...anyway, Happy Birthday!
  15. base587

    going fetal

    Fetal position (arms in/knees tucked) can prevent bridal enrtanglements with arms and legs during deployment on overrotating/off-axis aerials. Sometimes it is a very intentional maneuver.