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  1. Another one out of the park, you must be a natural at this...I mean nice job putting in the time, effort and research to produce these thought provoking and meaningful articles.
  2. Thanks Annette, perfect supplement to your article on Normalization of Deviance. Really appreciate these articles as they not only apply to this sport but many other areas involving critical decision making.
  3. Maybe they are stoked to protect one's life if necessary. That's not perverse at all. Additionally humans with ill intent may not be the only threat where some people live. The one and only time I felt compelled to produce my gun, a person tried to carjack me at a stoplight, the aggressor seeing that I was armed retreated. This allowed me time to call the police who apprehended this person. Turns out he had committed multiple crimes that day, break-ins and an assault.
  4. I guess you got some lipos to dispose of and a salt water bath is too boring?
  5. What is your proposal for preventing collisions between full scale aircraft in the NAS and unmanned model aircraft especially given the proliferation of multirotor SUAS's?
  6. At the end of the video looks like he lands in a pile of "meteorites"!
  7. One less worry with the Racer's pin protection.
  8. Been there with the King series! Watching Bob Ross (Cool perm, painted with a 3 or 4 inch brush) was like being anesthetized.
  9. Hey Jack Did you see what looks like a bracket riveted over the trim tab on the horiz stab? What do you think that is?
  10. You are probably right. I was putting clues together such as the planes and the mix of gear in the photo. I started jumping in 1979 and it seemed like most experienced jumpers had 3 ring releases by then. I think 3 ring came out around 1976 so that placed the time for me.
  11. The aircraft is an Atlas Kudu, so South Africa is the place.
  12. I'm a returning jumper after a 28 year layoff. Rachel set me up with a tandem jump and AFF course. She kept me updated through emails with course info, directions and tips. I attended AFF ground school on Friday night which was professionally done in a well equipped classroom. First AFF jump was done early Saturday and I was impressed by the level of attention to safety and instruction. The DZ was very busy with military, tandem, student and fun jumpers but Mike and his staff kept everything moving smoothly and with a fun atmosphere. The local jumpers are friendly with positive attitudes and encouragement. The indoor facility is impressive with wall to wall carpet and A/C. I counted 18 rigs being packed at one time with plenty of floor space available. From there its a very short walk to the King Air and within a few minutes you're at 14,500. The landing area is expansive and well groomed and it's a short walk back to the indoor facility. I can't say enough about the professional attitude of Mike and his staff as well as the "fun" vibe of the entire DZ. I would highly recommend this DZ for tandem, student training or fun jumping. It is away from "built up areas" so the amenities "off" the DZ are few but I believe Mike designed the facility to have minimal impact from ATC as well as local community concerns. There are hotels and dining within 15-20 mins of the DZ and Memphis is just a short drive away.