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  1. Thank you all! We have reached the first milestone - 1% of our massive fundraising goal! Please tell your friends - Follow on Twitter @FlyNYTunnel
  2. Edited by slotperfect to respect the no advertising rule in the forums. Please see this new thread: Forums: Skydiving: Wind Tunnels: New Tunnel In New York I'm working building a tunnel in the city, info here: Julian FlyNY
  3. Please do some research before you label someone's three year long project and dream "a scam". You can all risk $10-$20 and possibly have a 14-foot recirculating tunnel to play in day and night, year-round, in all weather, or you can label it "a scam" and keep driving to New Hampshire and hibernating in the winter.
  4. Thank you for your input.
  5. "The tunnel size will be geared toward skydivers as opposed to recreational flyers." That automatically means at least a 14 foot tunnel. The rest of the information is confidential at this time.
  6. Most of the information you are asking for is proprietary and will not be openly disclosed in a public forum, but is readily available to serious investors who sign a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement. But this level of information is not necessary to pitch in $10-$20.
  7. Dear skinnay, The business plan is three years in the making. The research is extensive and thorough and the numbers work. As mentioned in our previous post, 1.2 Million is only 12% of the total project cost. The remainder will come from private investments and loans. The videos and photos are all obtained from tunnel manufacturers and are all used with explicit permission. None are stolen. The founder is an experienced skydiver and tunnel flyer (who has always found the skydiving community to be very friendly and supportive). FlyNY
  8. Thank you jumpnfrek for your help and your vote of confidence! And thanks to everyone else for your comments. While they are negative, they are helpful in letting us know what deters people from contributing to the cause. To answer your questions: * 1.2 Million is definitely not enough to build a tunnel. It is only 12% of the total project cost. * 1.2 Million is the bare minimum fundraising goal. If that goal is not met, not a single credit card is charged and the entrepreneur gets nothing. However, the fundraise is not limited to 1.2 Million. There is no limit to how high it can go before the allotted times runs out. * The remainder of the money will come from loans and private investments. * 5 minutes a day for life for a $5000 investment is a fair reward for someone willing to make a substantial investment in a start up business. * The commitment to refund investments of over $250 was made on the assumption that there would be thousands of smaller investments and fewer large ones. If the 1.2 Million goal is not reached, no one will be charged. But if the goal is reached and the business cannot go forward (for whatever reason) refunds would have to be made manually. It would be a daunting task to refund tens of thousands of small contributions. But perhaps we will drop that threshold down to $100. * Please understand that even if ultimately the business does not materialize, there will be huge start up expenses regardless. The purpose of this fundraise is to raise start up funds. The way crowd funding works is people contribute money to help a business take off, realizing that it may not, and they risk losing their contribution. That is why the rewards offered are so generous. * Jumpnfrek is absolutely right in that the bulk of the revenue will come from non-skydivers. Folks who are too afraid to jump out of an airplane, and just want a fun, safe ride. HOWEVER, no one appreciates these tunnels more than skydivers, who crave tunnel time to hone their free fall skills. That is why we're appealing to the skydiver community for contributions and investments. Tunnel time will be hugely discounted for skydivers as opposed to first time flyers. The tunnel size will be geared toward skydivers as opposed to recreational flyers. Large blocks of time will be set aside for skydivers only. * And to address all concerns of losing money or investing large sums into something that you feel may never materialize, we have created the $10 and $20 dollar levels of contribution. By contributing $10 you risk nothing, yet you're making a huge difference and helping bring a much needed and overdue wind tunnel to the area. If every skydiver in the area contributed as little as $10, we'd be in great shape. * So please keep the comments coming (both positive and negative). Your criticism will help us improve the campaign. AND PLEASE TAKE A CHANCE AND PITCH IN $10 (or more) AND HELP US SPREAD THE WORD. Thank you! FlyNY
  9. Moderator's note: in favor of contributing to the greater good of skydivers in the NY area, the thread stays. Please be aware that the link below, in addition to general information about the tunnel, contains a solicitation for investment of start-up capital in exchange for tunnel flight discounts. Investments are made at your own risk. General conversations about the business investment opportunity are OK; individual transactions are not. I have some friendly advice of my own, posted in a reply below. - - slotperfect A new wind tunnel is in the works for New York City! Please help spread the word!