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  1. I completely agree with Kuai43. The Coriolis effect is mentioned in flight one 205 and those who have taken this course should be familiar with this principle. One of the main reasons we do 270s is to mitigate effects of the coriolis. By first turning into a downwind before facing into the wind the two forces effectively cancel each other out. This also works for down winders by first turning into the wind before finishing your turn and recovering with the wind to your back. I hope this helps happy swooping bud. Door! Green! Enjoy
  2. I think it should be a separate canopy if you want a stepping stone. Dialing back the KA platform would make me sad. Door! Green! Enjoy
  3. Chuting Star has a pretty sweet set of risers with nice dive loops available. They aren't too expensive and work well I use them on both my rigs. When you sell your rig just put your original risers back on and move your nice ones over to your new rig. Door! Green! Enjoy
  4. Yup way behind. I think I might just change it to my A license number and put my jumps back at 100. It would be entertaining enough. Updating that is almost as bad as logbooking. Door! Green! Enjoy
  5. I'll give it a few good goes with the standard turn again and let you know if I'm able to squeeze anymore out of it. Door! Green! Enjoy
  6. It kinda morphed into that through heavier and heavier carving. I kinda plateaued a bit at one point on how far i could tip it over and bring it back up. Keeping a little bit of turn at the end was some input given to me by a reputable canopy pilot as something to try making it a little easier to pull it off. It has helped a bit actually. For the wing over attempts I was using a mellow 270 keeping just a hint of turn going with a non aggressive recovery. Its hard to see exactly whats going on with it in the video. I was using just a hint of rears to plane out(not much keeping it very conservative until I plane out at toe drag height) and right at that moment I use a hefty amount of left riser throwing the canopy over and compensating with the opposite riser. The timing and the aggressiveness of the opposite riser input lets me dictate my waist height off the ground. I burn off tons of energy when the wing is off to the side like that so it leaves me just enough time to throw it over hard and snap it back up with the toggles for a stand up. "puts bag of popcorn in the microwave" 650-700 jumps 400-450 on KA 150 I'm a little behind on my logging but somewhere between that. This was from a couple months ago not supper current at the moment so the swooping progression is on the sideline for a bit and working on video until I get current enough to really get back at the canopy stuff. Figured it would be a good topic for the forum since the canopy control section has been a bit dull lately. Door! Green! Enjoy
  7. This is about as far as I have been able to efficiently bring it over and still have enough power left over for a stand up. Props to the ones who get that last little bit of angle out of it because it takes some serious power to make it happen. https://vimeo.com/155573673 Door! Green! Enjoy
  8. Oh yeah one more thing if you don't stand it up it doesn't count in my book it's just a crappy landing. Door! Green! Enjoy
  9. So I'm working on getting my wingover. Any advice out their from people who do them? I'm on a katakana 150 loaded at 1.5... It would be sweet if I can touch grass with my wingtip on a big canopy(bragging rights I guess). The last foot or so is really proving to be quite difficult. Links to videos and photos would be cool too so feel free to share if you have them. I'll see if I can upload where I left off later. Door! Green! Enjoy
  10. Planing out in the wrong direction and flying away from the landing area has catastrophic consequences when the tandem doesn't get there landing photos/video. Here is a bit of a question. Definitely not ideal practice but just food for thought. Just how flyable are big turns? I haven't messed around with more than a 360 but it seems to me that if your doing a large turn 450plus you have a lot more room to make adjustments. Granted 450 to 630 is a pretty big leap but definitely a lot better than turning a 270 into a 450. Turning a 270 into a 450 requiers a 67% increase in rotation speed to pull off which is a bit extreme. Turning a 450 into a 630 would only require about a 40% increase to pull off. So the bigger the turn the more you have to play with in a sense. Granted these are rough calculations leaving out plenty of variables but you get the point. Door! Green! Enjoy
  11. Yeah I'm not saying they aren't capable or effective canopies. I do however believe that there will be other canopies in the future that will have slightly different flight characteristics more suited to whatever the modern techniques/ learning progressions will be at the time. I'm not sure you stayed on the same page when I was talking about lighter wing loadings. In the grand scheme of Canopy Piloting a 1.8 inst very high but for the typical jumper who wants to learn how to swoop it can be a bit fast. The scariest swoopers I have seen where people who where learning around that same wing loading. So far it seems like the Schumann style wings are quite sensitive to harness input. Now if this harness sensitivity carries over to the other non cross braced versions It could make for more swoop friendly larger canopies. Of course it wouldn't be as extreme as their crossed braced parents but I'm thinking it may still carry over to an extent. Now hypothetically lets say they did carry over some of those traits and now people where following this new path of canopy progression on Schumann platform wings couldn't this possibly lead to another canopy along side the velocity that's more along the lines of a Schumann? I have never swooped a saber 2 at 1.8 only up to a 1.5. I haven't flown any of the crossed braced canopies yet but I'm sure they are great. Just speculating throwing around ideas here. Door! Green! Enjoy
  12. ^^^fixing your typo about the openings^^^ you accidentally typed in worst instead of best. It's OK though we all know what you really meant to say. In my opinion I thought the transition from Saber 2 over to the Katana felt just about right for me at a 1.5 W/L. I borrowed my friends Saber 2 150 and hammered out a few 90s on that for a couple weeks as a little transition instead of dealing with the downsize and platform change at the same time. I felt like changing platforms without downsizing at the same time was key. The canopies extra range was the only thing I really needed to figure out once I got on it. As far as something new I'm doubting we are going to see anything between the saber 2 and the katana just yet. I'd like for this new mystery thing to keep the katanas dive but be more sensitive to harness input. Part of me wonders if we will start seeing more swoop capable canopies at lighter wing loadings. Not saying that big canopies cant be swooped or people won't be competing with small canopies but I kinda feel like performance without the W/L could be something we see in the future. This would of course make room for a KA2 and a velocity2 creating a smooth progression onto the VK. Thoughts??? Door! Green! Enjoy
  13. Yanni


    I ordered my MultiSpeed as a two piece suit with matching camera jacket and it's proving to be more practical than a Swiss army knife. If your a coach or AFFI who is on the faster end of the fall rate spectrum the drag panels give you that range to hang with the featherweights without a wardrobe change. I thought the drag panels would bunch up and take some getting used too when zipped up but I don't even notice them. I can wear the pants all day keeping cool and be ready for any jump in a flash with this suit and camera jacket. Build quality and customer service has been exceptional phone calls where answered with enthusiasm and emails where responded to promptly. I look forward to ordering more products from DeepSeed
  14. I get the occasional opening that is more abrupt than the others but they have been far from seeing stars. My pulse was more consistent delivering the same thing every time though. Quick and smooth. Door! Green! Enjoy
  15. As mentioned above tracking is very dynamic and is a skill in itself. Keep it small until you hone your skills in a variety of angles and expand your effective tracking range. An experienced rabbit that can maintain a consistent track will go a long ways in your learning curve. When I get on a tracking dive I will not only consider the size of the group but also the ratio of experienced/inexperienced trackers within the group. Even with a small group have a solid game plan and cover all the what ifs during the dirt dive. If it doesn't feel right opt out. Smaller groups that operate smoothly are a lot more fore fun than finding yourself in the middle of a shit show. Its a lurning curve be safe, find proper guidance, and use good judgment. People are just looking out for you and everyone else bud. Tracking dives can get messy quick dont forget to respect them. Door! Green! Enjoy