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  1. Hi Saskia, long time.. I'll try and take the batteries out overnight.. Just makes me wonder because I never got the low battery alarm...
  2. Hi Last weekend my Pro-Dytter went dead suddenly. It was working on thursday and friday, then saturday morning it just wouldn't start up. I hadn't had the low battery warning going off earlier either. So I tried changing the batteries but no help. On L&B website they say they no more service the Pro-Dytter but still I sent them an email asking if they had any idea how to fix the unit. The only solution they had when replying to my e-mail was to send me a set of fresh batteries. I already changed the battery and don't see that trying another set of them would help. Has anyone here had a similar problem you were able to fix or has my Pro-Dytter come to the end of it's life Lucky for me I still have one that is working.. I love this audible as it is very easy to use and I've had it for many many years...
  3. It's all good. If you are coming from an smaller DZ (well, they all pretty much are smaller than Empuria) it might seem a little crowded first. It's very well organized and they also have jump number limitations when the weather is sketchy... The landing area really isn't a small one as you might get an impression from earlier posts. Maybe a bit narrow but not a problem for sure. There is this nice guy called Regan (who I believe is a Brit too) organizing jumps and from what I've witnessed, he seems very helpful towards everyone! Go and you'll go back too :) Have fun in Empuria!
  4. Ooookey... It's all good :) Nice scenery nice people nice freefall! Blue skies!
  5. Oh yeah, forgot.. Can I get the USPA one month membership at the DZ? My 3rd party liability insurance isn't valid outside Europe...
  6. Aloha! Just arrived here yesterday from Finland. Got my rig with me. So, I'm gonna be here for four weeks.. if you'd like to meet and jump, show me the things at the DZ (both of them?) and maybe let me ride in your car, send me a PM or email (better) at andersson.jan at gmail dot com... I'm living in Waikiki... I think :) Also, is there an bunkhouse or some other place to sleep if I want to stay for the weekend? Otherwise I need to figure this thing out by myself and don't think that's too easy... Looking forward!
  7. Nice boogie, nice people, nice weather - 0 jumps
  8. Jassu my friend How are you going to get to Empuria and from where? Never know, you might see me
  9. Ohhh... we'll have plenty to talk about Cyprus, I kind of lived there about twenty years ago :) Must have changed a lot!!! The beer in Finland is good too :) Don't worry. ...or maybe FedEx the case beforehand ?!
  10. Welcome Marios! If possible, you should come here one week earlier. The week of no sunset, the biggest party all over our country!!! Well, the sun won't go down the next week either
  11. where there any finnish people at the boogie ?? was there any nightlife ? dammit I hate this boogie. Can't remember anything Heh, there probably were a lot of finnish people since you don't remember a thing :) I got called about every night.. made me hate the dark and cold finnish winter even more.. Sounds like you guys really enjoyed the boogie. Nice!
  12. I think the naked guy couldve been Aivo from Finland... he's got way more than 200 though.. Just got a call from Empuria (5am in Spain), they really were starting the year good!!!
  13. Happy new year from Finland too!
  14. Förlåt!!! I wasn't aware of this... my mind's playing tricks on with memory Ok, go Nordic delegation!