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  1. Group Member DZ's sign a pledge that they say they will follow certain standards, but they are rarely (if ever) held to these standards from what I've witnessed. 100% truth here. It's our duty as a community to ensure we're all doing what we can with respect to this though, both as members and at our home dz's if they are group members. But you're right, obviously there is no policing here. But what does self policing get us? We try to follow standards that keep us out of trouble, especially with the FAA. And why is that good for all of us? Because one bad apple can ruin the fun for the rest. I am assuming this TI was at least manufacture rated and/or in the process of putting the paperwork in for a rating he just got. If not, then I think you'd be hard pressed to find a group member dz commonly doing business like this. Why? Because it's not up to standards/regulations and could not only get that dz in trouble, but could get the FAA now putting magnifying glass on the sport all together. So, while things like that aren't actively policed by a USPA rep or employee, I feel like they are actively policed by our community. .... at least I hope Apologies for the spelling (and grammar).... I got a B.S, not a B.A. :)
  2. While I think he could have worded it better, I don't think he was wrong. It's true that USPA dz's are held to certain standards and requirements. So you expect to get that at a USPA affiliated dz. Apologies for the spelling (and grammar).... I got a B.S, not a B.A. :)
  3. ::cough:: and having a hot meteorologist wife ::cough:: Apologies for the spelling (and grammar).... I got a B.S, not a B.A. :)
  4. LyraM45

    First serious tunnel time

    Like others said, don't rush the belly and back flying. I did and later regretted it a lot and after 15-20 hours of tunnel time, had to go back and spend some time on my belly/back to help with some of the transitions and HD stuff. It really does give you a good base for what you need to build everything else off of and so many people rush through it, myself included! Apologies for the spelling (and grammar).... I got a B.S, not a B.A. :)
  5. LyraM45

    My first cutaway

    I actually did the same exact thing on my first chop. When I got back to the field I landed next to my husband and I said, "should I just pull this now or walk in and admit the shame that I didn't pull it and wasn't sure if I had to even though the RSL beat me with a clean reserve?" So, I suffered the shame since it was something I obviously needed to go over and relearn. In the end it all works out though. Good on ya! :) Apologies for the spelling (and grammar).... I got a B.S, not a B.A. :)
  6. LyraM45

    It's a love/hate thing

    Like others have said, a lot of times it's not personal. I spent a LONG ass time doing mostly solos when I was learning to freefly. I didn't want to be that guy to ask to get on a jump that was over my head and be a drag, so most of the time I didn't even ask. Every now and then somebody took me up out of the goodness of their heart, and that was great, but I wasn't expecting it and didn't think they were an asshole if they hadn't done it. I am not entitled to go up with these people. I knew I needed to put in the time and effort like they did to get to a point where not only could I be there and functionally freeflying with them to make it a really fun jump and not ruin it, but to also be there doing it SAFELY. So, what did I do? I put in the time. This took me years. Like, 5-8 years. I did lots of solos, put in a ton of tunnel time, did camps for my skill level and got some coach jumps. I'm at a place now where I am comfortable, and I jump at a dropzone where the culture is to pay it forward. I am not saying every dropzone is like this, but we have culture of jumping with the upcoming jumpers once we're in a place to do so. People did it for me when I first got out here 5 years ago, and now I do it for others without thinking twice about it. Now, does that mean I am going to go up on every single load with you? No, obviously I need to still be working on pushing my current skill set and having fun jumps with like freeflyers. But, that doesn't make me an asshole for the times I say I can't jump with you. Put the time and effort in and it will eventually come. Maybe not tomorrow, but eventually you will be there. Apologies for the spelling (and grammar).... I got a B.S, not a B.A. :)
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