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  1. +1 Also, I keep looking at it trying to see closing pins and all I see are two people 69ing.
  2. 178 jumps in 10 years and 1000 posts on Dorkzone.com... how about adding another option: - Get a life and jump more.
  3. I completely understand what you're saying. Now take a look at the video again... this guy is leading a very nice tracking dive/angle flight while on his back, then at the end of the tracking dive, he flips to his belly with precision. You can CLEARLY see he is an experienced and capable skydiver if you understand what you're watching. This would then lead me to believe, which has also been confirmed by people who have been through this scenario, that getting stable after cutting away from a violently spinning canopy is actually quite difficult.
  4. I've had a semi-elliptical put me on my back in line twists before, only loaded at about 1.3 as well. It's not as common, but it does happen. Agreed... uncommon. Loaded x-braced canopy? Pretty much guaranteed.
  5. In regards to an RSL, The first rebuttal you'll here from a person that owns a x-braced is "I want to get stable after a cutaway from a spinning line twist." My rebuttal now will be, did you see this video? And second, no one stuck a gun to your head and made you buy the Velo. When I get line twists on my semi-elliptical pilot, fly's straight. Choices choices choices.
  6. http://www.niagarafreefall.com/freefall/ Sadly my home DZ is 3000+km away from the tunnel so any friendly discounts are out the window. I would love to go iFly Seattle (closer to where I actually live) but that isn't feasible for now. I'll see if I can negotiate with them once I show up though. Dude, that tunnel looks fucking awful... don't waste your money. You're not going to learn how to fly your body in there, only how to fly a trash bag that will be flying you.
  7. Pilot ZPX 150 would pack like a Pilot ZP 132.
  8. Bottom of that ring should be at the top of your iliac crest (hip bone). It's a perfect fit in regards to the MLW, dude.
  9. Great idea. I actually do have a relative that lives in Arizona!! What do you suggest I do?
  10. If they ship it out of state, then you save the taxes, close family member/ friend in a nearby state? Just a thought. Why would I go through all of that trouble to save on state tax when I can do the same with Chutingstar and they ship it right to my front door? Come on, guy.
  11. And by the looks of the picture, all the tribesmen came out to see this magnificent event ;-)
  12. BKW82


  13. Although head-down attitude seems imprudent on deployment, I do notice more on-heading openings when I have a bit of forward coast left over from my tracking. This is not high decent rate, mind you, just forward movement. It seems to give the canopy a place to go. If anyone else does this as well, please chime in. +1 I always deploy while tracking flat... softest openings and consistently on-heading.