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  1. Well my wallet is always with me when i jump and i have the dropzone's number memorized....but i guess I just trust that at my small dz someone will see me land out and come to my rescue!
  2. What works really well for me is to put my arms straight out in front of me then flip my legs in and complete the backloop! Good luck!
  3. Skipped my only class Thirty-six degrees outside off to Milwaukee
  4. We also have the same thing at my DZ. It helps for spotting as well as planning a landing patern. Luke
  5. Awesome tattoo! I have been thinking about getting one myself, just not sure what yet....definately something skydiving related though!
  6. Thanks everyone.....and yes there was plenty of beer Sunday night!
  7. I am also 18.....i will be turning 19 April 23
  8. Thanks Lolie!! And hell yeah i will give you a ride to the DZ!
  9. I went to the dropzone yesterday (sunday) and it was a beautiful 55 degrees with low winds....what a perfect day for jumping! I did i three way right off the bat to practice fall rate as well as docking....the three way never actually even came together. I was able to dock on but the third person never made it. Also...i couldn't make it back to the dz so i landed in a field close by. (the landing was great too!) Then i went back up and did two hop n pops, one at 5000 then another at 3500 and boy was that a rush!!! The ground was a hell of a lot closer than at 12,500!! After the hop n pops there was still time for another load so i decided to do my check dive....and i passed!!!
  10. Someone told me they saw the 300-way on Rippley's Believe it or not about a week ago. Luke
  11. I think that most people realize the risks they are taking before they make their first jump. I know I did....Hell that was part of the fun of it!
  12. I dont think i will ever hear this one again... One of my coworkers asked me if it was true that every time you jump out of the plane if you pee your pants a little bit! I laughed my ass off for a long time after she asked me that one. I told her thats why we wear jumpsuits and that they all have diapers built in too. Has anyone else ever heard that before? Luke
  13. Just filled up yesterday for $1.74 a gallon....i thought that was pretty rough untill i see all these $2.00 and up!! I really hope it starts to go down someday soon. Luke