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  1. Hey mate, I was going though chutingstars used stuff and found one, it's made for 6'1" 185 lbs. hope it helps.
  2. Eriks-Angelos

    Skydiving Video Games

    No mention of pilotwings for the super Nintendo? :)
  3. Hey everybody! here is a short edit I did for my first year in the sport, I've had a blast! everywhere I traveled and met this year has been amazing! thanks everybody! :) Clicky?
  4. cool!! thanks so much! yeah that's not bad priced at all! going down to Deland for a canopy course and wanted to make sure I could get from the airport to Deland. :) Thanks again!
  5. I know I heard about shuttles going from Orlando airport to Deland, maybe I didn't use the search function properly but I couldn't find much about it, I was wondering if anybody here knew schedules for it and any other info on it?\ Thanks for you time!
  6. yes stickman Base is great!! really helped me with my landings
  7. they are rising against us.....this is what the Mayans warned us about.... we must take action now!!
  8. can't even have a nice day in the park without something happening... but glad the kids okay.
  9. yep apple and google are like water and oil.... they don't mix
  10. How come I'm not getting these informational emails? I was order #70-something. check your spam folder, that's where mine was.
  11. that amazes me!! 1948, waaaayyy before I was born, before my mum was born, he was jumping and still is!!! that is so cool!! I want to grow old and be a JOE someday. :)
  12. so I was on facebook wasting time..... and saw this "Any St. Louis, MO jumpers out there? We have an awesome opportunity at an airport just outside of the city. We know with the closing of Archway skydiving there is a need for a new DZ, but we need some local input so send us a PM and let us know what you think!!" I was wondering if anybody knew any details or anything?