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  1. At those numbers I’d buy one of the newer beginner/intermediate suits that have a surprising amount of performance and just learn to rock it. Swift 4 or Magister aren’t too big but they are slightly larger than the smallest suits offered by the company. With one of those and some practice you should be able to fly with Havok/Funk/etc. suits. Even ATCs and Strix if they fly a little dirty for you.
  2. You’re missing the point entirely. The Havok was designed for acro. The ATC was not. Comparing them doesn’t make sense, and you just sound like an idiot for bringing them up in the same conversation.
  3. I have 500 jumps on my original Havok and just did my first WS BASE jumps with it last year. They’re amazing suits and I think they’re probably the best all around suits ever made, but I’d only be offering like 350 for one now. For 500 you can find a Carve and for a bit more a C2rve
  4. Well that’s what I get for drunk posting. Misread your post.
  5. Wait, you’re claiming the suits sewn in Vietnam are AMERICAN MADE? Lol. The most American wingsuit is Tony.
  6. Spectres are alright, very square and stable, but they tend to snivel longer than you want in a wingsuit canopy. Longer snivel = more chance for line twists. Personally I think the 9 cell Pilot is the best all around WS canopy. Short snivels, flat glide for getting back from long spots, and stable in twists. Of the wingsuit-specific canopies on the market I’ve heard the best reviews (from non-sponsored jumpers) about the WinX from Atair. In regard to size, wingloading isn’t the biggest factor, but rather the smaller the canopy the shorter the line set and it puts the canopy more into the wingsuit burble than with a larger canopy.
  7. lol @ the guy trashing the Havok. It may very well be the best all around wingsuit ever made. But anyway, you’ll just have to decide if price is enough of a consideration to possibly have a suit you don’t like as much/ can’t fly as well with. That said - a very prominent Phoenix Fly person has told me they think Intrudair is actually a pretty decent substitute for PF if money is a big concern and you don’t wanna spend more.
  8. I’ve been using this and really liking it
  9. You had 3 chops on a 169 Pilot 7 and an ATC? Yeah I’m not so sure I’ll be listening to your canopy advice lmao
  10. Disadvantage: Without sounding sexist (even though it still might) I think the biggest issue women face flying wingsuits is the comparative lack of upper body strength in regards to men. Obviously there are some badass women out there flying the largest, most highly pressurized race suits, but I’ve seen a whole lot of women mention how hard it is to fly even small or medium-sized suits and how tired their arms get. I don’t think too many women see a lack of cute designs as the biggest hurdle. Advantage: many women are smaller framed and can get similar performance from a smaller suit than many men can.
  11. I’ve got a Jav and I’m not worried, but if you are, Racer says they have the strongest spring on the market ;p
  12. Oh I’ll also add: there was a guy at Summerfest last year that went straight reserve on his ATC that I think was quite new to him at the time and he’d just arrived after driving like 18hrs from Canada so I’m assuming fatigue played a role in that one on top of the inexperience.
  13. It was beyond stupid. After he asked me what I thought he didn’t like my answer so he asked the other experienced flyer at the DZ the next weekend and that guy said the same thing. Clearly he was shopping around for somebody to tell him he’d be ok. Then he bought the Funk anyway and said “I just wanted it now, but I won’t fly it yet”. I knew that was BS, but I wasn’t as firm about it as I will be in the future for those cases. Now after all that imagine my horror when I saw him comment on a sale post about an ATC and he gave the same “I wasn’t gonna fly it yet I just wanted to buy it and hold onto it” *eye roll*. Some people are bound and determined to kill themselves it seems.
  14. Personally I never have, but a jumper at my DZ started in a P2 and reported having occasional trouble finding his handle, so when he had 25 jumps and asked my opinion on upsizing to a Funk told him it wasn’t smart. So did the other experienced flyer. What did he do? Bought the Funk, jumped it, and wasn’t able to find his PC (never did a practice touch up high). Tumbled from 5,000ft down until his AAD saved his life, because on top of all that he’d hooked up the suit wrong and had reserve handle inside.
  15. You’re joking, right? The only thing you can give Squirrel the edge on is customer service. Their products aren’t any higher quality than PF or Tony.