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  1. I had my 1st mal on my Sonic 150, too, but it was 100% my packing. I didn't quite understand the line stow order and gave myself an out-of-sequence deployment. :) And now that I have some jumps on my Heatwave 135, I'd say she opens nicely, flies predictably, but a bit flat for what I'm after. It's a nice transition from a 150 to something more responsive for sure, but it's got a really flat glide. Great flare, and has a lot more "grrr" than my Stiletto 135.
  2. Is this just a curiousity type question? I have jumped 2 different Hornets, a 170 and a 135 that are a buddy of mine's. I liked the 170 cuz it was a lot more sporty than the PD 170 I'd jumped before it. I currently own and jump a Heatwave 135 and I have a Heatwave 100 waiting at home for me. I'm on a very tight budget, so I can't afford cross-braced, so I will take what I can get. I like the Heatwave 135, but wouldn't mind something trimmed steeper. Good turf surf, good flare. I also had a Sonic 150, also made by PISA. I've jumped 13 different canopies (Pilot, Sabre, PD, etc.), but I keep coming back to PISA. Reliable products, especially for the price.
  3. I currently jump a 1992 vector 2 with Type 17 risers (no RSL). I find it to be quite comfortable, probably the 2nd most comfortable out of the 13 different rigs I've tried. It's snug, stays where it should, and doesn't float around during freeflying (Yes I know it's not FF friendly without a couple mods; no lectures req'd. My profile pic shows one of the reasons why this rig isn't FF friendly if you don't make mods to it; the tuck tab will fly open and expose your pin.) I know newer rigs have better padding in the leg straps, but as far as older rigs go, I'm happy with mine. Not a lot of extra chest strap, though, so if you're barrel-chested or you have silicone you may wanna take this into consideration.
  4. Fuck


    Performs well for an old canopy. I've been told it's the predecessor to the Hornet. I like my Sonic so much I decided to stay with the same company for my 'new' Heatwave (new for me). I've never had a hard opening with my Sonic, even though it's old and very well used. Usually opens on heading, even though I know my lines are out of trim. Easy to keep on heading with the risers on the openings where it starts to head off course. Easy to pack cuz it's got Galvanor fabric and coloured tabs. This is the only 150 I've flown, but comparing it to the 170's I've tried, I'd say it's incredibly more responsive than the rectangular PD 170 and it's more responsive than the Hornet 170, which I'd expect, because it's smaller (higher wingloading, shorter lines, etc.). It glides similar to the Pilot I checked out, not steep like the Sabre 1. I think someone with more balls and/or experience could easily see the horizon over the canopy during a turn if they wanted to. I haven't ventured that far yet. :)
  5. Fuck

    Skydive Manitoba

    Lots of coaches to help you hone your skills as a bellflyer. We have jumpers that have been in the sport over 35 years, ones that have been to World's, ones that jump because there is no better way to spend your time, and we also have fledgling skydivers. Come check us out.
  6. I like the idea of putting out a documentary on the healthy side of skydiving. Not enough people know how truly transformative it can be. I struggle with depression and other mental shit, but I've found that skydiving takes that away. All the loudness and yelling in my head just stops after a skydive. I can find peace, even if only for a day or two. The sadness is lifted and there is a calm, a sense of understanding that replaces it. Skydiving has been better than any pharmaceutical the doctors have prescribed in years gone by. And I haven't even mentioned the sense of accomplishment or the adrenaline rush that comes with skydiving. :)
  7. I was in AZ in January and got to meet Josh "Dog" Mitchell. He mentioned that he was done working at that wind tunnel and would going to Colorado at the end of January. You may wanna verify this with him so you can keep your list as updated as possible.