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  1. I've already contacted Dale Elliot :) My first step is to go on my 2nd tandem and then wait for the wind tunnel and see how my control is. AAAAGH! Why is this soo addicting!? www.wheelchairmommy.com
  2. They are building a wind tunnel here right now and it should be complete by the end of the year :) . . . that was our starting plan. Thanks!! :) www.wheelchairmommy.com
  3. Here's my video if anyone cares to watch http://youtu.be/UTHE-Eu80ro www.wheelchairmommy.com
  4. I am a paraplegic and did my first tandem jump at skydive Temple on the 20th. I say first, because we already bought my 2nd jump. My tandem master was awesome and I loved every second of it. It was an AMAZING rush and I know without a doubt I would be working on my AFF if I were able-bodied but I am quite nervous to do so considering my paralysis. I saw a youtube video of one other paralyzed female jupr and my husband suggested I sign up and post here to find her. (he's just finished his AFF course and now jumping to complete his Class A license) www.wheelchairmommy.com