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  1. I just did my 120th jump last weekend and I've been doing about 6-10 jumps a week. I want to downsize because canopy flight is fun (its one of my favorite parts about the jump) and I want to fly higher performance canopies
  2. I will acknowledge that this may be a super stupid question. I have a Vector 3 now and I really like it. I would like to order another one, when i buy i new container but the lead time is 40 weeks. Would it be stupid to order one now sized for a 135? I'm on a 190, so that would give me about a year to downsize to a 135 and even if i didn't make it to 135 could cram a 150 into it.
  3. Sorry about that I totally forgot to mention that stuff. Everything in the rig was made in 2002 and the seller claims that it only has 100 jumps but who knows about that.
  4. Im a newb and have no clue anout this stuff so I was hoping you all could help me out. Is this an okay deal? The seller said he would throw in free shipping and let me test it before I bought it